Submission Guidelines

Note, by submitting images or pictures for use in this gallery, you are giving the gallery permission to display the copyrighted information understanding that the gallery cannot control how viewers may utilize any copyrighted material. Also, any contact information (email address, etc.) will be viewable by any user, search engine bot (and may increase the amount of SPAM received).

Press Release submission guidelines

Can Anybody Submit Images to the Gallery?

    Yes!! All artists and collectors -- from the beginner to the saged veteran -- are invited and encouraged to submit images to the Gallery! There is no "elitism" in the Gallery, it's for all of us, novices and professionals alike! If you are an artist and would like to have your own separate gallery, scroll down this page for more information. If you are a collector (perhaps an artist too!), you are welcome to send images of your original finish or customized models done by any artist. Seeing the history and evolution of an artist's work gives other artists encouragement.

Where Will the Images Go?

    I will put the images where they belong in the Gallery: OF's will go in a manufacturer's gallery, models customized by artists will go there. Collaborations of customized work are shown on both artist's pages; painted artist resins are generally only shown on the painting artist's page.

How Many Images Can I Send?

    You may send as many images as you would like, but please read the Image Requirements below first. I will put your images in the Gallery as long as they aren't already there. What I mean is, an artist may have already sent the same images of your model for their gallery, so check to see if it's there already! Likewise, there may be a images of an OF model in the mold and color you have already in place; images showing a significant variation of a color will be included.

Image Replacement Policy

    I will "upgrade" a images if I get one that's of better quality and/or larger size than the one currently in the Gallery. This most commonly occurs in the Company section, where I am constantly receiving new images of molds and colors which are already in place. If your image is a duplicate of a model already in place, I will either replace the image there with your image, or add yours to show another variation of the mold and color. Likewise for customized models. Occasionally I'll get a better image than what's already there, and will replace it with the new one, or I'll add it to show the other side of the model. It may also be that your image isn't as good as the pictures already online, in which case it won't get into the Gallery.

Image Requirements

    The quality of the images is important. Images must be clear with good contrast and show each model off well. The most prized images are those which are top-quality show photos. Unacceptable images include blurry or dark photos, images which are taken too far away from the model so that it looks tiny, or images which show the model in a cluttered, messy setting. I will accept simple images where the model is on a table with a wall or towel behind it, or other similar, simple setup. Please include full name when submitting images for proper attribution.

Can I Scan the Photos?

    If you have a scanner and can produce a quality image, feel free to scan in your pictures for me! Please scan the photos in RGB at 100% of their original size (3.5" x 5", 4" x 6", etc.) at 100 dpi (or greater) and save them as High Quality, Low-Compression JPEGs. Even though the final size of your pictures in the Gallery could be 2" to 4" tall, I need the full-sized images to work with before they're ready. You don't need to mess with the images at all before sending them to me, I'll take care of all photo retouching for you! (Please DO NOT scan photos as CYMK, I cannot manipulate them to a displayable-on-web-page form. Thank you.)

    If you don't have a scanner or would prefer to have me scan the photos, check here.

What about digital images?

    Sure. When the Model Horse Gallery first started, scanning paper photographs was the only way to get images for web sites, but now just about everyone has a digital camera. After loading the images from your camera's memory to a computer hard disk, portable media can be created, or the non-manipulated images can be sent via email as attachments. I'd rather have a image that has to be cropped and reduced, rather than one that's so small it can't be used. JPEG is the best format for this.

Can I Email My images or Should I Send Them on media?

    Feel free to email your images to the curator at if you've already scanned them in or downloaded them from your camera. This is the fastest way to get images into the queue. However, due to the problems of viruses and SPAM, please include "MHG" or "Model Horse Gallery" in the subject line of every message so the message can be easily identified. Please try to attach no more than six images to each email, preferably images for only one horse per email; it makes it much easier to work on smaller chunks.

    Sending physical media takes longer and there is not only the cost of the media, but the transportation (mailing) costs. (Please remember to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope or sufficient funds for the return of your photos and/or media. Items received without return postage will be disposed of.)

    Media format: CD (-R, -RW), DVD (-R, -RW), or 100-750MB Zip disk, Compact Flash (I or II) media card only. (And while I can borrow a floppy drive, those too; 1.44M.)

    If using RW CDs or DVDs, please ensure the disk is "burned" to actually "set" the information on the disk. (Otherwise, I may receive a "blank" disk.)

Do You Need Information About the Images?

    Yes! Unless the information is already on the back of each photo, I will need as much of the following information as possible for each model:

    Information needed for customized models: name, gender, color, company/mold/resin/ceramic piece it was customized from (or note if it's an original sculpture), and the customizing artist (and sculpting artist, if applicable). Please include the full name of sculpture and artist as not having this information delays my efforts, sometimes significantly. Examples of how information would be presented is below:

    Information needed for original finish models: mold name given by the company, size (for models other than Breyers, Stones, Hartlands; suggest inches), mold number, gender, color, the company the model comes from, and the year it was produced; if you show the model, provide the model's show name and the breed it's shown as. An example of how information looks is below:

    Information needed for tack/obstacles: horse information as above (if included in photo); artisan name, date of creation, owner. An example of how information looks is below:

    Don't worry if you don't have all the information I would like! Even if you have a model horse you know NOTHING about, I'll put it in the gallery where it best belongs!

    Please include your full name for attribution.

How should I send that information?

    The information can be provided electronically in Text, MS Word, Pagemaker, HTML, and RTF, email message formats or attachments/on media, or hardcopy (printer output) if sent via mail.

May I Mention That A Model Is For Sale?

    Due to the size of the gallery, the information may not be updated in a timely fashion for sales items.

    Resins, chinas and other editions are listed with date of release.

What kind of information should be included in an artist's biography?

    The basics would include name, studio name, and ways to contact you.

    A more in depth biography can include:

    Check out other artist galleries for examples.

Can you get my images from my website rather than having me send them to you?

    Yes, but the time it takes to insert them will take a lot longer to get them online than if sent directly.

    There are times when I'm on the road (away from my highspeed internet) and cannot access the internet as easily or as timely. (Meanwhile, I can work all those that have complete information on my computer and upload a huge update when I next do get high speed internet connection, hotel firewalls notwithstanding.)

    And due to the tediousness, I may only do a "page" or "section" at a time and then work on other submissions, coming back days, weeks, or months later.

Waiting Time

    I cannot guesstimate accurately when a person's images will be online. I appreciate everyone's patience. Eventually everyone's "number" comes up, but it does take time!

    I do try and get show listings and new releases incorporated as soon as they are received.

    My availability to work on the gallery varies greatly through the year. October to May I may only have 8-20 hours a month to work on the gallery. However, in the summer, I may be able to devote 20+ hours a week and click through the queued submissions like wildfire.

    (Donations do put the donor's information/photos/gallery at the front of the queue. PayPal is accepted, see "donate" button below. Please make checks/MOs payable to "Gail Berg" ( I cannot cash items payable to "Model Horse Gallery Curator").

Cost for Putting Photos in the Gallery

    There is no cost to "get into the Gallery," but monetary donations or donations that can be sold to raise monies for bandwidth, disk space, maintaining the software, and other expenses are welcome (and put the submission at the top of the queue). Suggested donation: $25+ for gallery, or $1 each per added picture. Please make checks/MOs payable to "Gail Berg". (I cannot cash items payable to "Model Horse Gallery Curator"). Or donate via PayPal:

Can you add a link to my website from the Gallery?

    Maybe. The gallery does not have a "page o'links" to increase traffic to/from that site and does not engage in an "exchange of links".

    Links are made to artist and company sites on their respective gallery pages. This is the only "guaranteed" link method.

    (The advertising links on pages the Curator has no control over.)

Owner, name changes

    Due to the large volume of pieces, it is impossible to keep up with every owner and name change. If you "absolutely, positively" want the name and/or owner changed, please donate $5 for the first horse's name/owner change and $2.50 for each additional horse's name/owner change submitted at the same time. Please provide with payment the gallery, page, and identification of horse and the changes to be made. Monies so received will be used to maintain the Model Horse Gallery (web hosting, bandwidth, domain charges, as well as updating the software used to create the MHG up to the current version).

If you would like to submit your photos to the Gallery, make a donation, or, if you have any further questions, please contact the Model Horse Gallery Curator at:


USmail: Please contact for mailing address.

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Phone: 650.740.8646

Please make checks/MOs payable to "Gail Berg". Or to donate via PayPal:

Requirements For An Artist Gallery

If you would like to submit your photos to the Gallery, make a donation, or, if have any further questions, please email the Model Horse Gallery Curator at:


USmail: Please contact for mailing address.

Phone: 650.740.8646

For donations, please make checks/MOs payable to "Gail Berg". Or to donate via PayPal (suggested minimum donation for new gallery: $25):

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