Designing a Web site

By Gail J Berg ©2009

So, you want to put together something for your web site. You have some ideas of the information you’d like to present, but no idea how to start.

Glad you’re here. I’ll try to help.

As a prerequisite, I’ll assume you read my last article about how to get web site and some basic software to create web pages.

This article will address some of the issues of “laying out” information and designing a website. It will not address the technical aspects of web editors (including templates, cascading style sheets) nor uploading files to websites. Most “examples” will be actual web pages or web sites (mainly my own) via links, so reading this with internet connection is recommended. I will primarily address issues related to presenting ready-for-sale items, many of these same thoughts can apply to presentation of services for “hire”.

It may help when viewing web pages to “view source” to see the low level commands that represent the functionality of the page. Some of these functions may be hidden by WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web editors. It may help in your own development to understand how someone else’s page is laid out


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