Organizing Chaos

A guide to traveling with, packing, shipping, and storing model horses

by Gail Berg, copyright 1996, 2003, 2006, 2007, all rights reserved

You don't have this problem, do you? You're perfectly organized in every detail of your life, right? And every time you need to have something, it immediately is available? If so, you don't need this information. For the rest of us, this information may come in handy.

Do you travel to live shows? Want to send your model horse to a photographer? How about selling horses and shipping them to the new owner? No? How 'bout you'd like to display your collection? Or do you need to store your collection as you're heading off to college? No? Well what about traveling to BreyerFest or other shows and events? No? But you're starting to consider it - maybe - if I can help you get your organizational act together, right?

This article is an expansion to one I wrote in Just About Horses (JAH) ("One if by Land; Two if by Sea; Three if by Model Horse: or How to Survive Traveling Alone to a Far-Away Live Show," Nov/Dec 1990; 1705; pp 28 - 31). Time certainly does fly, but "technology" has changed (improved for the most part) and new options are available now that weren't then.

This article will discuss traveling with model horses, but all of the information covered can be used in shipping and many for home storage.

Summer 2009: Mary Thomson has an up to date article on traveling by air and dealing with the TSA in some detail here.


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