Resin Registry Cross Reference

This table is based on the "Resin Registry" reference published by Julie Harris; the base and three updates have been released. With Julie's permission and blessing, I created a cross reference of resin name to artist for faster look up.

Resin Name Artist Name See also
#10 Tied Calf (2 versions) Herden, Carol  
#100 Goat Herden, Carol  
#11 Running Calf Herden, Carol  
#14 Outstretched Calf Herden, Carol  
#20 Standing Heifer (2 versions) Herden, Carol  
#200 Trotting Hound Herden, Carol  
#201 Standing Hound Herden, Carol  
#205 Fox Herden, Carol  
#21 Walking Heifer (2 versions) Herden, Carol  
#210 Sitting Stock Dog Herden, Carol  
#211 Sneaking Stock Dog Herden, Carol  
#22 Trotting Heifer Herden, Carol  
#23 Running Heifer Herden, Carol  
#24 Cutting Heifer (left; two versions) Herden, Carol  
#25 Cutting Heifer (right; two versions) Herden, Carol  
#30 Mexican Steer Herden, Carol  
#410 Reiner Herden, Carol  
#49 Highlander Bull. Herden, Carol  
#50 Angus Bull (new mold) Herden, Carol  
#50 Angus Bull (old mold) Herden, Carol  
#51 Hereford Bull (new mold) Herden, Carol  
#51 Hereford Bull (old mold) Herden, Carol  
#52 Galloway Bull Herden, Carol  
#53 Charolais Bull Herden, Carol  
#54 Simmental Bull Herden, Carol  
#55 Brahman Bull Herden, Carol  
#550 Banjo Herden, Carol  
#56 Limousin Bull Herden, Carol  
#57 Gelbvieh Bull Herden, Carol  
#58 Longhorn Bull Herden, Carol  
#60 Dairy Cow Herden, Carol  
#69 Beef Cow Herden, Carol  
2 Infinity Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Aashiq Bogucki, Edwin  
Abu Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Acclaim to Fame Nandell, Chris  
Achal Tekkmen Eberl, Briggitte  
Action Stallion (aka Dreamfinder) Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Ahab Rose, Sarah  
Ajima 3 Johnson, Sonya  
Alessan   See WV Alessan
All Ameriocan Miniature Horse Moody, Kathleen  
Allegro Lucas, Kristina  
Almanzor Eberl, Briggitte  
Ambrea Lima, Linda  
American Beauty Nandell, Chris  
American Saddlebred Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Amos Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Andalusian Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Andalusian Eustis, Francis W  
Andalusian Marshall, Charlene  
Andalusian in Piaffe Eberl, Briggitte  
Andres   See WBP Andres: King of the World
Androclese   See WBP Androclese
Angus Bull (new mold)   See #50 Angus Bull (new mold)
Angus Bull (old mold)   See #50 Angus Bull (old mold)
Anna B Good   See NBS Anna B Good
Ansata Zaafarana Cohen, Faye  
Anticipation Mitchell, Karen  
Anuk Su Na Mun   See NBS Anuk Su Na Mun
Appaloosa Eustis, Francis W  
April Meridan, AKA "Mera" Behning, Laura  
Arab Stallion Lenzer, Deb  
Arab Yearling Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Arab Yearling Starr, Janice  
Arabian Eustis, Francis W  
Arabian Costume Horse Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Arabian Costume Horse Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Arabian Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Gelding Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Gelding   See Shariff/Gypsy Prince/Arabian Gelding
Arabian in Costume (trotting) Chaney, Donna  
Arabian Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Mare Standing Relaxed Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Park Horse Williams, Carol  
Arabian Partbred Foal Eberl, Briggitte  
Arabian Stallion Bouras, Elizabeth  
Arabian Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Stallion Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Arabian Stallion Sneathen, Ray Ann  
Arabian Stallion Woods, Keren (Black Horse Ranch)  
Arabian Stallion - Standing Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Stallion in Costume Horsing Around  
Arabian Striking Out Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Arabian Vision Butler, J. Anne  
ARC Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Arend   See NBS Arend
Arielle Gaspar, Carol  
Aristole, Version III (Plato) Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Aristole, Version IV Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Aristotle Moody, Kathleen  
Arizona Phantasm Buckles, Darian  
Arizona Solari   See AZ Solari
ASB Weanling Starr, Janice  
Ash Tray Calf Starr, Janice  
Asian Camel Herden, Carol  
Asmody Eberl, Briggitte  
Asombroso York, Linda  
Astrakhan Shimbo, Fara  
Atrevido Johnson, Sonya  
Augustus Buckles, Darian  
Aviator   See MH Aviator
AZ Solari Buckles, Darian  
Azale DeMuth, Pamela  
Baby   See Big Mama & Baby
Baby Pegasus   See "Flutterby"
Bach   See PF Bach
Baha   See LJ Baha
Balderick Pour Horse Pottery  
Barita Chex   See LBR Barita Chex
Barley Goodrich, Caren A  
Barry Harris, Ann  
Bear Rhodes, Sheri  
Beauregarde Leisure, Sherl  
Bedouin Du Boulay, Pamela  
Beef Cow   See #69 Beef Cow
Belgian Eustis, Francis W  
Belgian (Brabrant) Eustis, Francis W  
Belgian Horses (head down) Herden, Carol  
Belgian Horses (head up) Herden, Carol  
Belgian Mare Herden, Carol  
Belgian Mare Starr, Janice  
BHR Reining Horse Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
BHR Spinning Horse Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
BHR Trophy Head Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Big Mama   See Big Mama & Baby
Big Mama & Baby Herden, Carol  
Big Z Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Bill   See WBP Just Plain Bill
Bint Al Badi Harvey, Kimberly J  
Bisley DeMuth, Pamela  
Bizet Frank, D'arry Jone  
Black Out Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Blizzard   See CZ Blizzard
Bob   See WBP Just Another Bob
Bongo Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Boondoggle Buckles, Darian  
Bowie DeMuth, Pamela  
BOYC China Shire Chaney, Donna  
BR Desert Rose Behning, Laura  
Braask   See MN Braask
Brahman Bull   See #55 Brahman Bull
Bravo!   See SJ Bravo!
Bressay Pour Horse Pottery  
Bressay (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Breton Starr, Janice  
Briar Rose Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Brilliant Liddy, Candace M  
Brioso Rose, Sarah  
Brookridge Brendan Behning, Laura  
Bruno Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Brushfire Moody, Kathleen  
BS Odhinn Whipple, Jean  
Bubba Harris, Ann  
Bumblebee Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Burro Weeks, Dian  
Buzzard Herden, Carol  
Byrjun   See LBR Byrjun
ByteMe   See WIR'D Online
C. Marie Nandell, Chris  
Cabaret   See NBS Cabernet
Cabaret   SeePF Cabaret
Cache Advance   See WBP Cache Advance
Cadence Smart, Kristel  
Cadillac Jack   See NBS Cadillac Jack
Calves - Standing, lying, running Marshall, Charlene  
Calves - Standing, lying, running Marshall, Charlene  
Calves - Standing, lying, running Marshall, Charlene  
Canterberry Blu   See WBP Canterberry Blu
Cantering Andalusian Eberl, Briggitte  
Cantering Hunter Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Caprice Gerhardt, Karen  
Caprice (china) Gerhardt, Karen  
Cash Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Cat Food Liddy, Candace M  
Cavanaugh Jack Chenoweth, Deborah  
Charolais Bull   See #53 Charolais Bull
Chief San Domingo SMR #776 Liddy, Candace M  
Child's Joy Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
China Arabian Gelding Chaney, Donna  
China Arabian Gelding (Special; on plinth) Chaney, Donna  
China Friesian Mare & Foal Chaney, Donna  
China Hunter Mare Standing Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Andalusian Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Arabian Stallion Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Arabian Striking Out Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Dartmoor Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Fjord Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Friesian Stallion Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Hackney Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Morgan Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Quarter Horse Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Rearing Shire Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Tennessee Walking Horse Chaney, Donna  
China Mini Welsh Cob sec C Chaney, Donna  
China Welsh Cob Mare Chaney, Donna  
Chip Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Christmas Edition China Friesian Mare & Foal Chaney, Donna  
Cielito Lindo Starr, Janice  
Circus Pony Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Clam Bar Balling, Carre  
Clancy (ceramic) Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Clancy (resin) See "Companion" Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Clydedale Eustis, Francis W  
Clydedale Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Clydesdale Chaney, Donna  
Clydesdale foal Love Calvert, Maureen (Made with Love)  
Companion Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Condor Gaspar, Carol  
Connoisseur Club 2001 Pulling Drafter Chaney, Donna  
Contentment Mitchell, Karen  
Cool   See FN Cool
Copyright   See MH Copyright
Country Pleasure Butler, J. Anne  
Covenant Kept   See WBP Covenant Kept
Cowboy Commando Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Cowboy Up Lenzer, Deb  
Cricket Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
Cruise Control Nandell, Chris  
Curious Obediah   See SJ Curious Obediah
Cutting Calf Coughlin, Jamie  
Cutting Heifer (left)   See #24 Cutting Heifer (left; two versions)
Cutting Heifer (right)   See #25 Cutting Heifer (right; two versions)
Cutting Horse Easley Patty, Page  
CZ Blizzard Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Lil' Heathen Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Planet Hollywood Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Rough Justice Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Sweet Onion Rowena Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Voodoo Etiquette Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
CZ Voodoo Etiquette Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Dacotah Playboy   See D's Dacotah Playboy
Dagobaz Liddy, Candace M  
Dahlia Liddy, Candace M  
Dairy Cow   See #60 Dairy Cow
Daisy Moody, Kathleen  
Daisy Mae/Draft Mare Lima, Linda  
Dale Liddy, Candace M  
Dance with Me Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Dare Pour Horse Pottery  
Dare (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Dare to Dream Lima, Linda  
Darfendi Liddy, Candace M  
Dartanian Cantrell, Kitty  
Dartmoor Pony Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Dartmoor Pony Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Dash Francis, Lee  
Debutante Lucas, Kristina  
Deiter Starr, Janice  
Deseoso Rose, Sarah  
Desert Raider Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Desert Song Lenzer, Deb  
Destacado York, Linda  
Destiny Gaspar, Carol  
Destiny Sapp, Carrie  
Diadem Fulcher, Sharon  
DocBarZip Starr, Janice  
Doll House Light Team Starr, Janice  
Donkey Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Dot Francis, Lee  
Dozen Roses Bogucki, Kathi  
Draft Mare   See Daisy Mae/Draft Mare
Drafter Team Starr, Janice  
Dreamcatcher Bogucki, Edwin  
Dreamfinder (aka Action Stallion) Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Dressage Rider Winters, Sandra  
Drifter Chenoweth, Deborah  
D's Dacotah Playboy Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
D's Electric Avenue Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
D's Fortinbras Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
D's Miss Scarlett Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
D's Ramses Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
D's Spin Doctor Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
Dulcinea Harvey, Kimberly J  
Dump Truck Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Dusty Johnson, Sonya K  
Dutch Warmblood Starr, Janice  
El Cid   See NBS El Cid
El Crapola   See Ugly Horse, The "El Crapola"
El Ebano   See PF El Ebano
El Fuego Fraley, Lynn A  
El Ultimo Tango Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
El Vuelo York, Linda  
Ela Gence Liddy, Candace M  
Electric Avenue   See D's Electric Avenue
Esplendido Eberl, Briggitte  
Estrella del Sol Prosser, Sommer  
Euphoria Davidson, Allie  
Euphoria Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
Exceptionale Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Exmoor Pony Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Expresso Lima, Linda  
Extended Credit Coughlin, Jamie  
Extreme Justic Prosser, Sommer  
Fabian DeMuth, Pamela  
Fancy Me Irving, Catherine  
Fandango Minkiewicz, Sarah  
Farad'n Gerhardt, Karen Y  
Farolero Eberl, Briggitte  
Feather Goodrich, Caren A  
Fell Pony Foal Butler, J. Anne  
Fell Pony Mare Butler, J. Anne  
Fell Pony Stallion Butler, J. Anne  
Fellow Conspirator Cassavant, Karen  
Filly Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Firon Hamilton, Jackie  
First Class Nandell, Chris  
First Impression Mitchell, Karen  
First Pony Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Fjord Bouras, Elizabeth  
Fjord Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Fjord Eustis, Francis W  
Fjord on Base Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Flora Liddy, Candace M  
Flower   See South Coast Flower
Flower of Lanark McGroarty, Keren Gilfoyle-  
Flutterby Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Fly Away Eddy, Donna  
Flying Start Butler, J. Anne  
FN Cool Liddy, Candace M  
Foal (with grazing mare) Eustis, Francis W  
Fortinbras   See D's Fortinbras
Fox   See #205 Fox
Fox & Hounds   See #200 Trotting Hound; #201 Standing Hound; #205 Fox
Foxesrcool Strang, Lisa  
Foxy Lady Liddy, Candace M  
Free Spirit Butler, J. Anne  
Freedom Behning, Laura  
Friesian Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Friesian Deale, Dawn  
Friesian Lucas, Kristina  
Friesian Nandell, Chris  
Friesian Foal Chaney, Donna  
Friesian Foal Eberl, Briggitte  
Friesian Mare Chaney, Donna  
Frisky Calf Herden, Carol  
Fully Automatic Buckles, Darian  
Futura Bold   See WV Futura Bold
G G Love, Maureen  
Galante York, Linda  
Galatea Lucas, Kristina  
Galloway Bull   See #52 Galloway Bull
Gelbvieh Bull   See #57 Gelbvieh Bull
Gentle Giant   See G G
German Warmblood Standing Eberl, Briggitte  
German Warmblood Trotting Eberl, Briggitte  
Gesche Balling, Carre  
Giacomo Eberl, Briggitte  
Gibson SG Fulcher, Sharon  
Gift   See The Gift
Gifted Starr, Janice  
Gladiator   See TAS Gladiator
Go N To Town Herden, Carol  
Goat   See #100 Goat
Gobi Liddy, Candace M  
Goliath   See MH Goliath
Grace DeMuth, Pamela  
Grand Duchess Deale, Dawn  
Grazing Mare (with standing foal) Eustis, Francis W  
Great Balls of Fire Buckles, Darian  
Great Expectations Butler, J. Anne  
Gremlin Rivera, Lisa  
Grey to Stay #850 Gaspar, Carol  
Groff Starr, Janice  
Gypsy   See LJ Gypsy
Gypsy Prince   See Shariff/Gypsy Prince/Arabian Gelding
Hacking Out Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Hackney (bone china) Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Hackney (resin) Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Hackney Horse Eustis, Francis W  
Hackney Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Hackney Pony Eustis, Francis W  
Hadrian Rose, Sarah  
Haflinger Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Halter Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Halter Stallion Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Halter Stallion Eberl, Briggitte  
Handy American Quarter Horse Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Handy Horse Fjord Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Hang N Tough Herden, Carol  
Harness Pony Nandell, Chris  
Head Down QH Starr, Janice  
Heart of Darkness   See WV Heart of Darkness
Hearts Afire Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Hereford Bull (new mold)   See #51 Hereford Bull (new mold)
Hereford Bull (old mold)   See #51 Hereford Bull (old mold)
High Time Lenzer, Deb  
Highland Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Highland on base Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Highland Pony Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Highland/Dales Pony Deale, Dawn  
Highlander Bull.   See #49 Highlander Bull.
Highlander, The Harvey, Kimberly J  
Holzschimmelchen2 Garstka, Juliane  
Horse with a Golden Saddle Du Boulay, Pamela  
Hot Doc   See WBP Hot Doc
Howard Huge   See WBP Howard Huge
Hunter Black Horse Ranch  
Hunter Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Huntseat Rider Winters, Sandra  
Hurricaine Jensen, Laurie Jo (Resins by Randy)  
I Kandu Rivera, Lisa  
Icelandic Eddy, Donna  
Imagine - Version I Moody, Kathleen  
Imagine - Version II - Pegasus Moody, Kathleen  
Imagine Versio nIII Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Impavido Gonzales, Ed  
Indian Costume Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Infinity Moody, Kathleen  
Infinity   See also "2 Infinity"
Intrepido York, Linda  
Irish Draught Chaney, Donna  
Isabeau Moore, Ann  
Isolde Hessan Creations (Tiffany Corwell-Herrlein)  
Itchy Liddy, Candace M  
Jac B Nimbl Jolly, Chris  
Jake   See NBS Jake
Jarich Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Jarick in Harness Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Jean-Erick Harris, Jennifer (Resins by Randy)  
Jonathan Van Der Graaff, Denise  
Joseph M Liddy, Candace M  
Junot Lamport, Tina  
Just Another Bob   See WBP Just Another Bob
Just Plain Bill   See WBP Just Plain Bill
Kalandar Prince Moody, Kathleen  
Kalinda Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Kalinda Version II Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Karim   See South Coast Karim
Kashmeer Eddy, Donna  
Kaspir II Menard, Rita L  
KC   See Kentucky Cabaret
Kentucky Cabert Gonzales, Ed  
Khamsin Pope, Judy Renee  
Khan Rose, Sarah  
Kharess Gaspar, Carol  
Kh'lua   See South Coast Kh'lua
Khornerstone KpM Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Kickin' It Up Johnson, Yvonne  
King of the World   See WBP Andres: King of the World
King's Ransom Keeling, Vicki  
Kismet   See WBP Kismet
Kitten Chow Liddy, Candace M  
Knut Lucas, Kristina  
Knut Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Koko Fraley, Lynn A  
Kokomo Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Kool Kue Baby Bellucci, John  
Kottilian Minkiewicz, Sarah  
Kulfi Lucas, Kristina  
La Reina-B   See WBP La Reina-B
La Reine   See SJ La Reine
Labyrinth Buckles, Darian  
Laf'n Bear Marshall Fraley, Lynn A  
Laf'n Bear Tynk Fraley, Lynn A  
Lailah Pope, Judy Renee  
Lakota Sue Harris, Ann  
LB Stock Horse Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
LBR Barita Chex Garstka, Juliane  
LBR Byrjun Garstka, Juliane (Horsing Around Collection)  
LBR Ravin' Sanlena Garstka, Juliane  
Leona   See WBP Leona
Leo's Migo   See ML Leo's Migo
Let's Fiesta Moody, Kathleen  
Libretto Rose, Sarah  
Liedjo   See PF Liedjo
Lightfoot Irving, Catherine  
Lil' Heathen   See CZ Lil' Heathen
Limerick Pour Horse Pottery  
Limerick (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Limousin Bull   See #56 Limousin Bull
Lipizzaner Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Lippizan Eustis, Francis W  
Lippizan Starr, Janice  
Lippizaner Caller, Tracie  
Little Desi Jolly, Chris  
Little Imp Liddy, Candace M  
LJ Baha Jensen, Laurie Jo  
LJ Gypsy Jensen, Laurie Jo  
LJ Margarita Jensen, Laurie Jo  
LJ Round Robin Jensen, Laurie Jo  
LJJ Roulette Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Llewellyn Kathman, Lesli  
Loki Kathman, Lesli  
Longhorn Bull   See #58 Longhorn Bull
Loping Horse Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Loping Horse Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Lord of the Ring   See NBS Lord of the Ring
Lotte Eberl, Briggitte  
Lu Lu Belle Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Luna   See WBP Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon "Luna"
Lying Arabian Foal Eberl, Briggitte  
Lying Corgi Eddy, Donna  
Lying Friesian Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Maeve Pour Horse Pottery  
Magnificence Moody, Kathleen  
Maiden Mare-ian Black Horse Ranch  
Mameluk Eberl, Briggitte  
Manifesto Buckles, Darian  
MAR 25th Anniversary Resin   See Mid Atlantic Regionals 25th Anniversary Resin
Mara Milam, Lynn  
Margarita   See LJ Margarita
Marijka   See PF Marijka
Marksman Chenoweth, Deborah  
Marlboro Man Herden, Carol  
Marlena Gasper, Carol  
Marquis Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
Marshall Harris, Ann  
Marshall   See Laf'n Bear Marshall
Marty Galbreath, Wendy  
Maurice   See WBP Maurice the Mild
Maurice the Mild   See WBP Maurice the Mild
Meadowlark Starr, Janice  
Mecca   SeePF Mecca
Melodia DeMuth, Pamela  
Mephisto Rose, Sarah  
Mera   See April Meridan
Mescalero Eberl, Briggitte  
Mexican Steer   See #30 Mexican Steer
MH Aviator Hickman, Mandi  
MH Copyright Hickman, Mandi  
MH Goliath Hickman, Mandi  
Mid Atlantic Regionals 25th Anniversary Resin Pope, Judy Renee  
Millenium Tango Buckles, Darian  
Mini Arabian Striking Out Chaney, Donna  
Mini Destacado   See Little Desi
Mini Warmblood Chaney, Donna  
Minuet Moody, Kathleen  
Mira Behning, Laura  
Mirage Chenoweth, Deborah  
Miss Honey Eberl, Briggitte  
Miss Kitty Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Miss Scarlett   See D's Miss Scarlett
Mistoffelees Peterson, Denise  
Mitzi Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Miz Charisma Gonzales, Ed  
ML Leo's Migo Landschoof, Maren  
MN Braask Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
MN Reah Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
Molds from Maureen's Garage Series Love Calvert, Maureen (Made with Love)  
Molly Malone Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Montego Gaspar, Carol  
Moo Calf   See PF Moo Calf
Moonlight Sonada Moody, Kathleen  
Morgan Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Morgan Eustis, Francis W  
Morgan Rivera, Lisa  
Morgan Colt Behning, Laura  
Morgan Eagle von Redlich, Martha  
Morgan Filly Behning, Laura  
Morgan Filly Starr, Janice  
Morgan Mare Behning, Laura  
Morgan Reiner Behning, Laura  
Morgan Stallion Behning, Laura  
Mosey-On Johnson, Yvonne M  
Mother's Little Treasure Mitchell, Karen  
Mozart Frank, D'arry Jone  
Mr Bass Man Starr, Janice  
Mr Conclusion Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Mr Green Starr, Janice  
Mr Ned Galbreath, Wendy  
Mule Behning, Laura  
Mule Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Mule Eustis, Francis W  
Mule Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Mule Lima, Linda  
Mustang Eustis, Francis W  
My Irish Valentine Galbreath, Wendy  
My Pleasure Evans, Gy  
Mystic Flight Butler, J. Anne  
Naama Balling, Carre  
Nadeer Lima, Linda  
Nahar Rose, Sarah  
Naref Eberl, Briggitte  
NBS Anna B Good Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Anuk Su Na Mun Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Arend Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Cabernet Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Cadillac Jack Reid, Jennifer  
NBS El Cid Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Jake Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Lord of the Ring Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Slide Ruler Reid, Jennifer  
NBS Vermont Traditonal Holiday Reid, Jennifer  
Nellie Belle Liddy, Candace M  
Nelson Donaldson, Rob  
Neopolitan Eddy, Donna  
New Walking Arab Eberl, Briggitte  
Night Deck Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Night Deck Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Noelle DeMuth, Pamela  
Norman Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Novilheiro Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Novria Eberl, Briggitte  
Oasis Caller, Tracie  
Odhinn   See BS Odhinn
Odyssey Miller, Melanie  
Off Broadway Moody, Kathleen  
Okie Rio Williams, Carol  
On Broadway Moody, Kathleen  
On Fire   See PX On Fire
Orinocco Minkiewicz, Sarah  
Orlanda   See SL Orlanda
Oro Del Sol Moody, Kathleen  
Orson Lucas, Kristina  
Oscar Schick, Kate  
Our Mims Bellucci, John  
Outstretched Calf   See #14 Outstretched Calf
Owynn Pour Horse Pottery  
Owynn (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
P/B Arabian or Sec B Welsh Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Paintomime Kathman, Lesli  
Palomar Elite Moody, Kathleen  
Palomar II Moody, Kathleen  
Panache Butler, J. Anne  
Pandy Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
Parade Liddy, Candace M  
Parade Horse Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Parfait Liddy, Candace M  
Park Arab Starr, Janice  
Park Morgan (action) Starr, Janice  
Park Morgan (standing) Starr, Janice  
Parrs Dream Doll Williams, Carol  
Patience   See South Coast Patience
Pavo Real Balling, Carre  
Persephone Miller, Melanie  
Peruvian Paso Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Peruvian Paso Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Petite L.P.   See WBP Petite L.P.
PF Bach Anderson, Gina  
PF Cabaret Anderson, Gina  
PF El Ebano Anderson, Gina  
PF Liedjo Anderson, Gina  
PF Marijka Anderson, Gina  
PF Mecca Anderson, Gina  
PF Moo Calf Anderson, Gina  
Phenomenon   See PX Phenomenon
PHF Finale Caller, Tracie  
PHF Virtual Reality Caller, Tracie  
Picasso Liddy, Candace M  
Piccolo Frank, D'arry Jone  
Pierino Eberl, Briggitte  
Planet Hollywood   See CZ Planet Hollywood
Plantation TWH Coughlin, Jamie  
Plantation TWH Mare Behning, Laura  
Plato   See "Aristole, version 3"
Pleasure Molly Mule Herden, Carol  
Poitou Donkey Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
Polar Bear Lucas, Kristina  
Pooped Liddy, Candace M  
Porter Buckles, Darian  
Portrait   See WV Portrait
Power Steering Nandell, Chris  
Power Steering Williams, Carol See Nandell, Chris - Power Steering
PowerBar Curtis, Kathy  
PowerHourse Curtis, Kathy  
Powermatic Coughlin, Jamie  
Pregnant Pause Nandell, Chris  
Presto! Fraley, Lynn A  
Pride of the Clyde Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Pride of the Desert Butler, J. Anne  
Prince Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Prize   See The Prize
Promise Liddy, Candace M  
Puccini Eberl, Briggitte  
PX On Fire Von Mayr, Lynn Baum  
PX Phenomenon Von Mayr, Lynn Baum  
Quarter Horse Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Quarter Horse 1st version Eustis, Francis W  
Quarter Horse 2nd version Eustis, Francis W  
Quarter Horse Foal Eberl, Briggitte  
Quarter Horse Mare #1 Lenzer, Deb  
Quarter Horse Stallion #1 Williams, Carol  
Quatro Liddy, Candace M  
Queen's Treasure Keeling, Vicki  
Quintessence Caller, Tracie  
Raakid Fraley, Lynn A  
Raging Tuna   See WRAC Raging Tuna
Rakkas DeMuth, Pamela  
Rameses Liddy, Candace M  
Ramses   See D's Ramses
Raven Buckler, Randy  
Ravin' Sanlena   See LBR Ravin' Sanlena
Reah   See MN Reah
Rearing Lipizzaner Stallion Donaldson, Rob  
Rearing Welsh Sec A Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Reboc Doc   See WBP Reboc Doc
Regel Lamport, Tina  
Reiner   See #410 Reiner
Reining Horse   See BHR Reining Horse
RHR Silverton Barron Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
Rhythm Bottiani, Karen  
Riding Pony Donaldson, Rob  
Riding Pony Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Riding Pony Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Rimfire DeMuth, Pamela  
RimSpark DeMuth, Pamela  
Riverside Storm Kistler, Jennifer  
Roady Daniels, Lori (Crazyhorse Studios)  
RockOn Alexander-Radak, Linda  
Rolling Thunder Belisle-Locke, Michelle  
Roma Raff, Lyne  
Romantz Nandell, Chris  
Rondo Leisure, Sherl  
Rondo! Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
Rosebud Bogucki, Kathi  
Rough Justice   See CZ Rough Justice
Roulette   See LJJ Roulette
Round Robin   See LJ Round Robin
Roy Liddy, Candace M  
Running Arab Starr, Janice  
Running Calf   See #11 Running Calf
Running Dane Eddy, Donna  
Running Heifer   See #23 Running Heifer
Saadiqah Minkiewicz, Sarah  
Sababa Kroll, Jenifer  
Saddlebred Eustis, Francis W  
Saddlebred Eustis, Francis W  
Safari Slew Bellucci, John  
Sahara Eddy, Donna  
Sahib Eberl, Briggitte  
Sally Eberl, Briggitte  
Sanzio Fulcher, Sharon  
Sarita DeMuth, Pamela  
Saucy Pour Horse Pottery  
Saucy (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Savannah Breeze Lima, Linda  
Scandalous Jack   See WBP Scandalous Jack
SCC Flower   See South Coast Flower
SCC Karim   See South Coast Karim
SCC Kh'lua   See South Coast Kh'lua
SCC Patience   See South Coast Patience
Scherezade Bouras, Elizabeth  
Seattle Slew (The Stallion Years, A Portrait) Bellucci, John  
Sedona Gasper, Carol  
Sendero DeMuth, Pamela  
Seneca Fraley, Lynn A  
Seren Lampart, Tina (Horsing Around Collection)  
Shady Oaks Bob Harris, Ann  
Shagya Arabian Coughlin, Jamie  
Shania Cantrell, Kitty  
Shariff/Gypsy Prince/Arabian Gelding Lima, Linda  
Sheetaura Miller, Patti  
Shetland Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Shetland Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Shetland Pony Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Shetland Pony Starr, Janice  
Shetland Pony Mare Behning, Laura  
Shire Eustis, Francis W  
Shire Eustis, Francis W  
Shire Starr, Janice  
Shire Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Shotgun Willie Deale, Dawn  
Show Special Drafter Chaney, Donna  
Show Time Chenoweth, Deborah  
Showing Off Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Showman Bogucki, Kathi  
Showman Eustis, Francis W  
Shy Anne Lima, Linda  
Si Amigo Lima, Linda  
Sia Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Sierra Rose Gaspar, Carol  
Siglavy Dos Ferdinand I Marshall, Charlene  
Silverton Barron   See RHR Silverton Barron
Simmental Bull   See #54 Simmental Bull
Simone Pope, Judy Renee  
Simplicity Kathman, Lesli  
Simply Splendid Moody, Kathleen  
Sirocco Leisure, Sherl  
Sitting Stock Dog   See #210 Sitting Stock Dog
Sitting whippet Eddy, Donna  
SJ Bravo! Hartrampf, Jeanine M  
SJ Curious Obediah Hartrampf, Jeanine M  
SJ La Reine Hartrampf, Jeanine M  
SL Orlanda Seiffert, Barara  
Slide Ruler   See NBS Slide Ruler
Sneaking Stock Dog   See #211 Sneaking Stock Dog
Snow Summit Cantrell, Kitty (Black Horse Ranch)  
Socrates Moody, Kathleen  
Solari   See AZ Solari
Somali Wild Ass Eustis, Francis W  
South Coast Flower Buckles, Darian  
South Coast Karim Buckles, Darian  
South Coast Kh'lua Buckles, Darian  
South Coast Patience Buckles, Darian  
Southern Belle Kathman, Lesli  
Spark Gap Lucas, Kristina  
Spin Doctor   See D's Spin Doctor
Spin Dry   See WR Spin Dry
Spinning Horse   See BHR Spinning Horse
Spirit of the Desert Butler, J. Anne  
Spirited Herden, Carol  
Splendid Adventure Moody, Kathleen  
Spring Awakening Butler, J. Anne  
Stallion Years, The, A Portrait   See Seattle Slew (The Stallion Years, A Portrait)
Standing Andalusian Stallion Eberl, Briggitte  
Standing Arabian Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Standing Draft Horse Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Standing Friesian Stallion Eberl, Briggitte  
Standing Heifer   See #20 Standing Heifer (2 versions)
Standing Hound   See #201 Standing Hound
Standing Quarter Horse Starr, Janice  
Stanislaus Eberl, Briggitte  
Stardust Leisure, Sherl  
Starfire Gaspar, Carol  
Starlite   See TC Starlite
Status Symbol Gonzales, Ed  
Stepping Out Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Stirling Leisure, Sherl  
Stock Horse Mare in Sliding Stop Eberl, Briggitte  
Stretched Morgan Starr, Janice  
Stretching Morgan Starr, Janice  
Striking Out Arabian Stallion - SE Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Sudden Excitement Moody, Kathleen  
Sugar n Spice Gaspar, Carol  
Sultan Makhsous Cohen, Faye  
Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon   See WBP Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon "Luna"
Summer Love Gaspar, Carol  
Sure to Win Gaspar, Carol  
Surprise Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
Suspiro Pour Horse Pottery  
Suspiro Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Sweet Dreams Butler, J. Anne  
Sweet Onion Rowena   See CZ Sweet Onion Rowena
Sylvie Butler, J. Anne  
Tara Gasper, Carol (Desert Artisans) See Moody, Kathleen
Tara Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
TAS Gladiator Tumlinson, Stacey  
Tawney Gasper, Carol (Desert Artisans) See Moody, Kathleen
Tawney Moody, Kathleen (Desert Artisans)  
TC Starlite Cappuccio, Tammie  
Tennessee Waling Horse Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Tennessee Walker Starr, Janice  
Tennessee Walking Horse Eustis, Francis W  
Tenorio Lucas Francis, Kristina (Resins by Randy)  
Terminator Cassavant, Karen  
Tesla Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Texas Tornado Buckles, Darian  
The Gift Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
The Highlander   See Highlander, The
The Prize Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
The Smithy Eustis, Francis W  
The Stallion Years, A Portrait   See Seattle Slew (The Stallion Years, A Portrait)
The Ugly Horse   See Ugly Horse, The "El Crapola"
The Visionary   See Halter Stallion
Thorndyke   See WBP Thorndyke
Thoroughbred Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Thundering Down Butler, J. Anne  
Tied Calf   See #10 Tied Calf (2 versions)
Tifla Bogucki, Kathi  
Tiki Francis, Lee  
Timothy Prosser, Sommer  
Tinker Eberl, Briggitte  
Tip Top Eddy, Donna  
Titan Lamport, Tina  
Titan Jack Ramsey, Sherry K  
Top Hat n Tails   See WBP Top Hat n Tails
Tornado   See Texas Tornado
Touch of the Sky Jensen, Laurie Jo  
Tourandot Eberl, Briggitte  
Trip Ticker #860 Gaspar, Carol  
Trophy bust Lucas Francis, Kristina  
Trophy Head   See BHR Trophy Head
Trotting Hound   See #200 Trotting Hound
Trotting Arabian Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Trotting Arabian Stallion Eberl, Briggitte  
Trotting Friesian Stallion Eberl, Briggitte  
Trotting Heifer   See #22 Trotting Heifer
Trotting Lipizzaner Eberl, Briggitte  
Trotting Morgan Starr, Janice  
Truffles Deale, Dawn  
Twilight's Star Gaspar, Carol  
Twisted Sister Kjelshus, DeeAnn B  
Twister Liddy, Candace M  
Tynk   See Laf'n Bear Tynk
Ugly Horse, The "El Crapola" Jolly, Chris  
Unnamed Eberl, Briggitte  
Utopia Moody, Kathleen  
Utopia version 3   See "Kokomo"
Vallero Starr, Janice  
Van Gogh Lamport, Tina  
Veiled York, Linda  
Veillantif Davidson, Allie  
Vermont Traditonal Holiday   See NBS Vermont Traditonal Holiday
Vigil   See WV Vigil
Visionary, The   See Halter Stallion
Vizcaya Caller, Tracie  
Voltage Lucas, Kristina  
Voltage (claybody custom) Pour Horse Pottery/Lucas Studios  
Voodoo Etiquette   See CZ Voodoo Etiquette
Walking Arab Starr, Janice  
Walking Arabian Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Walking Heifer   See #21 Walking Heifer (2 versions)
Walking Quarter Horse Mare Eberl, Briggitte  
Walking Quarter/Paint Horse Eberl, Briggitte  
Wall Street Trader Rudnicki, Susan  
Warmblood Eustis, Francis W  
Warmblood I Eberl, Briggitte  
Warmblood/W P Morgan Starr, Janice  
Warrior's Horse Herzman, Debra (Black Horse Ranch)  
Warrior's Horse Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Wazir von Redlich, Martha  
WBP Andres: King of the World Jolly, Chris  
WBP Androclese Jolly, Chris  
WBP Cache Advance Jolly, Chris  
WBP Canterberry Blu Jolly, Chris  
WBP Covenant Kept Jolly, Chris  
WBP Freya Jolly, Chris  
WBP Hot Doc Jolly, Chris  
WBP Howard Huge Jolly, Chris  
WBP Just Another Bob Jolly, Chris  
WBP Just Plain Bill Jolly, Chris  
WBP Kismet Jolly, Chris  
WBP La Reina-B Jolly, Chris  
WBP Leona Jolly, Chris  
WBP Luna   See WBP Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon "Luna"
WBP Maurice the Mild Jolly, Chris  
WBP Petite L.P. Jolly, Chris  
WBP Petitle LP (China) Jolly, Chris  
WBP Reboc Doc Jolly, Chris  
WBP Scandalous Jack Jolly, Chris  
WBP Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon "Luna" Jolly, Chris  
WBP Thorndyke Jolly, Chris  
WBP Top Hat n Tails Jolly, Chris  
WC Wicca Schmidt, Laura  
Weanling (stock) Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Weanling (TB) Grimm, Karen (Black Horse Ranch)  
Weanling Colt Sue Sifton  
Wee Willie Lucas, Kristina  
Wee Won Liddy, Candace M  
Weeble Miller, Melanie  
Welsh Cob Grieve, Karen H (Idyll Art)  
Welsh Cob Foal Sec D Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Mare Sec D Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Mare Special Edition Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Sec C Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Sec D Mare & Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Sec D Mare & Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Cob Stallion Sec D Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Pony Eustis, Francis W  
Welsh Pony Starr, Janice  
Welsh Sec A Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec A Foal Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec A Mare Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec A Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec A Stallion, Trotting Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec A/Dartmoor Pony Mare Special Edition Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Welsh Sec B Stalion Behning, Laura  
Western Pleasure Butler, J. Anne  
Western Pleasure Gelding Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Western Pleasure Horse Rivera, Lisa  
Western Pleasure Horse Starr, Janice  
Western Rider Winters, Sandra  
Western Riding Horse Sifton, Sue (Black Horse Ranch)  
Wheaten Eddy, Donna  
Whiplash Nandell, Chris  
Whiplash Williams, Carol See Nandell, Chris - Whiplash
Wicca   See WC Wicca
Wild Heather Prosser (Desert Artisans)  
Wild Horse Love, Maureen  
Willie Delight Nandell, Chris  
Willoughby Eberl, Briggitte  
Willy Remember Me Behning, Laura  
Windsor Liddy, Candace M  
Winston Kathman, Lesli  
WIR'D Online Schmidt, Laura  
Wizard's Vale Futura Bold   See WV Futura Bold
Working Hunter Pony Gelding Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Working Hunter Stallion Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Working Hunter Stallion Special Edition Chaney, Donna (Animal Artistry)  
Working John Mule Herden, Carol  
WR ByteMe   See WIR'D Online
WR Spin Dry Schmidt, Laura  
WRAC Raging Tuna Buckles, Darian  
Wrestling Steer Herden, Carol  
Wrynna Fraley, Lynn A  
WV Alessan Gerhardt, Karen Y  
WV Futura Bold Gerhardt, Karen Y  
WV Heart of Darkness Gerhardt, Karen Y  
WV Portrait Gerhardt, Karen Y  
WV Vigil Gerhardt, Karen Y  
Wyoming Antelope Herden, Carol  
Y2K   See Yukky 2000
Yanni Rhodes, Sheri  
Yarka (ceramic) Starr, Janice  
Yarka (resin) Starr, Janice  
Yucky 2000   See Yukky 2000
Yukky 2000 Jolly, Chris  
Yukky 2K   See Yukky 2000
Zip Zip Zippin' Galbreath, Wendy  
  Animal Artistry See also Donna Chaney
  Beau Cheveaux Creations See Nandell, Chris
  Bruenig, Sarah See Minkiewicz, Sara (married Bruenig)
  Cantrell, Kitty See also Black Horse Ranch
  Carol's Original Works See also Herden, Carol
  Chaney, Donna See also Animal Artistry
  Corwell-Herrlein, Tiffany See also Hessan Creations
  COWS See also Herden, Carol
  Crawley, Mark See Horsing Around
  Crazyhorse Studios See also Daniels, Lori
  Desert Rose See BR Desert Rose
  Du Boulay, Pamela See also Animal Artistry
  EquineXpressions See also Jensen, Laurie
  Fairs, Vanessa See Horsing Around
  Francis, Kristina (Lucas) See also Lucas, Kristina
  Gilfoyle, Karen See McGroaty, Keren Gilfoyle-
  Grimm, Karen See also Black Horse Ranch
  Hampshire Hill Creations See von Redlich, Martha
  Herrlein, Tiffany Corwell- See also Hessan Creations
  Herzman, Debra See also Black Horse Ranch
  Idyll Art See also Karen H Grieve
  Jahlee Design See Jolly, Chris
  Lucas Studios See also Lucas, Kristina
  Lucas, Kristina See also Pour Horse Pottery
  LucasFrancis Studios See also Lucas, Kristina
  Made with Love See Love, Maureen
  Model Equestrian, The See John Bellucci
  Mountain View Studios See Sheri Rhodes
  NBS Studio See Reid, Jennifer
  Resins by Randy See Also: Francis, Kristina; Harris, Jennifer; Jensen, Laurie; Jolly, Chris; Lucas (Francis), Kristina
  Rio Rondo Enterprises See Williams, Carol
  Route 66 Studios See Shimbo, Fara
  Salmon, Liz See Butler, J. Anne
  Sifton, Sue See also Black Horse Ranch
  Stampede Resin Casting See Liddy, Candance M
  Starr Studios See Starr, Janice
  The Model Equestrian See John Bellucci
  Thunderstruck Studio of Fine Arts See DeMuth, Pamela
  Tuscany Studios See Kate Schick
  Wizard's Vale See also Karen Y Gerhardt
  Woods, Keren See also Black Horse Ranch

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