How to paint eyes

by Janice Williford


Paints: coral pink, ivory white, burnt umber, raw sienna, Kims gold, black, irridescent blue
Brushes: medium brush to paint entire eye; smaller brush to paint iris, pinks/whites; very fine tipped brush
Glossy clear nail polish

I usually do one eye, then the other with each step, and it dries in between enough to keep moving.

I start by painting my eyes completely black.

Then I paint any eye whites and pinking next, if any is necessary; not all horses have eye white showing unless they are looking in a specific direction. I use a Coral Pink and my Ivory White for that. I may have to paint the black again if I mess up a bit!

Then, I mix Burnt Umber and a tiny bit of Raw Sienna with a teeny tiny mix of Kims Gold. I paint in the iris, leaving a thin black ring around the outside of the iris. If this is a traditional scale horse, I will actually blend in a little black to a portion of this mix, and graduate (blend) the iris color into the black ring with that.

After that dries, I do the pupil. Remember, horses have weird pupils...they are NOT round but horizontal - sort of like thin rectangles. If I don't mess up the pupil (my hand shakes so I sometimes blob it...doh!!), I then just paint over it with the iris color again.

After the pupil is in, I take a very fine tipped brush and paint a really thin crescent around the outer bottom corner of the pupil, leaving some of the iris on both sides of the crescent IN GOLD. On Traditionals, I may blend more gold with the iris color...and lay that on a little heavy in that crescent. This adds a lot of depth to the eyes.

Then, last step, is using a Iridescent Blue that I got in the shirt paint section at Walmart. I take a teeny tiny dot on my super fine brush, and put a small little dot or rectangle INSIDE the pupil...leaving black all the way around it.

After all is dried, and I have sprayed my horse with finish spray (finish spray seems to dissolve nail polish for some reason), I gloss the eyes with nail polish. On Stablemates and smaller, I use one of my old paint brushes that I have snipped with fingernail clippers to size instead of the nail polish brush, cleaning it off with a paper towel as soon as I am done and in between eyes. That keeps me from slobbing the nail polish all over OUTSIDE the eyeball!!!

Hope this helps.

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