Suggested breeds by (OF) mold

by Gail Berg based on information created by ckmalmberg circa 2006

In the world of model horses, there is often the question of "what breed should I show" my model? So based on some pages created by ckmalmberg, here are some suggestions.

Please note that the pages have tens of thumbnail images (one for each mold) in the linked pages.

The suggested breeds are based mostly on body type/shape. Please check breed restrictions/definitions for colors before assigning a breed when showing.

Breyer: Traditional: Arabian | Draft | Gaited | Morgan | Pony | Spanish | Stock | Sport/WB | Other

Breyer: Classic: Arabian | Spanish | Stock | Sport/WB | Other | Foals

Breyer: Littlebit

Breyer: Stablemate: Arabians | Drafters | Gaited | Morgans | Spanish | Stock | Sport/WB | Other | Foals

Breyer: Mini Whinnies

Hagen Renaker

Hartland: 12" | 9" | 7" | Tiny Mites

Stone: Regular | Pebbles | Chips

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