Difference between "Hunter" and "Jumper"

by Gail Berg

A short summary on the difference (and similarity) of "hunter, jumper", in the model horse realm.

Hunter usually applies to a horse in huntseat saddle, snaffle (or double) bridle. For arena events, this turnout would be for "English" pleasure (or Huntseat Pleasure). Add a few props and you can do English games, English (arena/natural) trail. There's also "Working Hunter", "Hunter over fences" (which most hobbyists refer to as "Hunter" class) -- where the main objective is to keep at a constant canter around the course with very smooth interaction between horse/rider, and Huntseat equitation.

Jumper usually applies to a horse in a huntseat or jumping saddle, snaffle/double bridle. (Can also have breastcollar, optionally.) The main objective is to "get over the jumps" (without knocking pieces down), style does not count, but speed is important. There's Stadium Jumping, Cross Country, Steeplechase, etc.

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