Care for your hand painted models

by Chris Nandell of Beau Cheveaux Creations

I am writing this, HOPING that people will read and remember this information!!!

Hand-Painted models, (of any media), need to be kept in the open-air, in a climate controlled (as in heated/air-conditioned) area, and NOT stored for long periods of time in plastic and bubble wrap in closed containers!!!

It's so heartbreaking to receive eMails from people asking how to repair models that have gotten:

A - The crinkly impression of plastic bag imbedded in the surface of their models.

B - Molded paint!

C - Discolored or sticky areas.

...all because they have been stored in this manner. PLEASE people, know that hand-painted pieces are not intended to be stored this way. They need to "breathe"! Finishes and Paint work - especially oils - continue to cure for months or even years after the piece is dry to the touch and safe to pack and ship. This applies to ALL hand-painted pieces. No matter who painted it or how long ago!

And NEVER pack a hand-painted piece with toilet or tissue paper directly against the surface of the model!!! You are just asking for that paper to stick to the paint/finish and you may or may not be able to get it off without damage.

Packing and shipping a piece, is one thing - storing the piece in that packing material is another! Many times the damage this causes will resolve once the piece is left out in the open air, but sometimes, the model will be RUINED.

So please, if your lovely hand painted models mean anything to you, keep and store them correctly, so they last a lifetime the way they should!

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