(version 1.1, dated 8/20/05)
FAQ Contributors: Peri Riggins, Carol Williams, Gail Berg, Julie Harris,
Daphne Macpherson,, Amanda Irish, Janet Piercy


1. How long has the model horse hobby been going on?

2. Are model horse shows for adults or just for kids?

3. Is model horse showing just for Breyers or can I show my other models too?

4. What's the difference in size between the Breyer models (Traditional, Classic, etc)?

5. I only know of Breyer models--what are other types/brands are there?

6. Do people collecting OFs try to get ones that are as realistic as possible?

7. What is LAAG an abbreviation for?

8. Do people actually MAKE those models?

9. Are there model horse shows around the country?

10. I keep reading about models that are "live show quality," or "photo-show quality"...what does this mean?


1. What is a breed?

2. People in the hobby seem to know so much about horse breeds! What books should I get?


1. Why do I have to name my models to show them?

2. It seems like everyone has a stable or ranch, is this hobby only for rich people?

3. I just bought a Breyer model named Misty of Chincoteague. Do I have to change her name?

4. I just found out that the name I chose for a model is being used for another person's I have to rename my model or does she?


1. How do you show models, anyway?

2. What constitutes a show horse?

3. What are "show" divisions for models?

4. Do OF's compete against each other in shows or do they show against CMs too?

5. What are the best models to live show: OFs or CMs?

6. Are models with the tails molded between the back leg or to the body considered LSQ? What about those models that are molded to a grassy foundation, fence, or other type of base?

7. Why does it cost so much to enter a live show?

8. How do you judge an Original Finish class when so many of the models are the same mold and color?

9. Where can I find out about other shows?

10. Where can I find out about BreyerFest?

11. I have never shown my models before but have always wanted to. How do I know which horses I should show?


1. What is this "overspray" I keep hearing about on some models?

2. I've read about people looking for models and passing them over due to "over sprays", etc--what would be "incorrect" or unacceptable paint jobs for these models?

3. What is a finish?


1. Is real horse hair used for model horse manes and tails?


1. Is ALL tack made by Breyer?

2. Why does it cost so much for a model [non-Breyer] saddle?

3. Where do you get all those neat accessories like tack and obstacles?

4. What do you use to keep bits in place?

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