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usan Bensema Young, of Timaru Star II is considered to be one of, if not the, top tack maker in the hobby.

She has graced the hobby with not only her exquiste creations, but a great reference book so that all can try their hand at creating tack.

Many of the tack items represented in Susan's gallery are of historic significance in her evolution of tack making.

If you would like to get in touch with Susan, you may click on her name to send her email.

The Bensema Young Gallery




Western Saddles

Other Saddles


Other Tack

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Top: "Ember" the flying Little Bit shows off her Fine Harness, built for Carol Floyd in December 1991 --- "Black Jasmine", below, supports the Eight-Hitch wheeler harness, now converted over into chain platelets. This was Susan's second-ever LB-scale harness; the first was in 1985. (Quite a few Classic-scale harnesses were made). Of course Little Bits present a whole new set of challenges to the model tackmaker...

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