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rlene Woods, of Redbird Model Horse Stables and Tack, began as a child with about 10 well loved breyers that tragically were lost in 1994 when her home burned; thankfully no one was home. Since the fire and Jan 2000 Arlene was given gift 5 tradional models, 1 classic model and the 95 stablemates special run set of 12.

She discovered Ebay in Jan 2000 and her herd has steadily grown to over 200 models. In 2006, she began making, selling & showing stablemate tack . Arlene been very pleased with the number of NAN cards & Championships her work has earned.

Most small items are made from 1/16 leather lace most of the smalle buckles are handbent from wire while the cinch buckles are made by Rio Rondo, set with rhinestones stone size varies between 1-3 mm in size. Most of her tack is in Stablemate scale with some micro mini scale. Many of my tack items have NAN qualified even against trad scale and my harness her taken several championships at live shows too.

Arlene can be contacted by email or check out her web sites:


The Woods Gallery

English Saddles

Western Saddles



Photo credits

Above: Western saddle set with silver; Lone Ranger. Created 2006.

Below: Western show halter, double buckle w/silver plates, made of 1/16 leather lace, mylar strips, Stablemate scale. Created 2007.

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