Thoroughbred stallion; 1/10th scale. Released 2006. Two versions; second is "hair prep" (Valor HP) which includes bradied mane/tail. Companion mare is Victrix. And special hunter gelding version Venator.

Original sculpture
Released 2006.

Original sculpture
Released 2006. Optional loose or braided tail.

Valor #1
Dark dapple bay; created 2007.

Valor #2
Buckskin blanket appaloosa, created 2007.

Valor #3
Deep Burgundy Chestnut w/Subtle Dappling; created 2007.

Valor HP #1
Bright Chestnut, Lightly Dappled
with Braided Mane & Tail; created 2007.

Valor HP #2
Dappled Mahogany Bay with Mohair Mane & Tail; created 2007.

Valor HP #3
Known as "Nicki". Red Chestnut, Subtly Dappled
with Mohair Mane & Tail; created 2007.

Valor #14
Fleabit grey blanket appaloosa; created 2009.

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