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arol Williams is one of the most well-known and popular artists in the model horse hobby and has been involved in it for many years. She has been customizing models for nearly as long and her older pieces are still competitive in today's shows!

In the summer of 1988, Carol sculpted a limited edition Quarter Horse which has come to be the standard in stock horse classes to which all other models are compared. This was also one of our hobby's first resincast models, a run of 200 models. Carol sold these horses either prepainted in "artist" colors, or custom-painted exactly to the customer's wishes. She also gave the option of a sculpted mane and tail or haired, both types of which are lovely. Her artistic talent with oil paints is amazing; each horse is different, beautiful, and a masterpiece to behold and own.

November 1992 was the official sell-out date of all available copies, although the last of the custom ordered ones was not completed until about December 1994. These models are now extremely hard to get and very collectable; they rarely change hands and are coveted by those lucky enough to own one! When the edition first came out, owners proudly brought them to live shows to compete and there were many to see, but in the past couple of years, fewer and fewer are seen as the value and fragility of this model outweighs the probability of a class win. This is unfortunate because the models are so stunning and live shows are one of the only times hobbiests can see any of them.

This gallery shows approximately 75 of Carol's beautiful Quarter Horses.

There is also a separate set of pages showing Carol's Arabian sculpture, which began production in 1994 and is a run of 125.

Carol now has her very own web page, so now you can visit Rio Rondo! If you would like to contact Carol, you may reach her by email using the link from her name; if you would like to write her a letter, her snail mail address is:

Carol Williams
Rio Rondo Enterprises
PO Box 111
Copeland, KS 67837
fax 620.668.5783

If you have any of Carol's older models or photos of her tack, I'd love to add it to this Gallery! Email the curator at .

Carol Williams Gallery


Arabian Resin

Knightly Cadence


Okie Rio

Okie Too

Parr's Dream Doll

Power Steering Resin

QH #1 Resin

Still Dreaming




Customized Horses





Quarter Horses

Other Breeds




Western Saddles

Other tack

Photo credits:

Top Headstudy: "Jack Dazzler," strawberry roan varnish with blanket Appaloosa owned by Lesh

Upper Middle Headstudy:"Solitary Blue," blue roan varnish with blanket Appaloosa owned by Jamie Coughlin

Lower Middle Headstudy: "Goblin King," chestnut tobiano Paint owned by Greta Hill

Bottom Headstudy: "Corona Cody," apricot dun Quarter Horse owned by Gail Berg

Arabian: an edition of Carol's Arabian resin, this one shown in bay

Paint at Bottom: "Rosalia," bay overo Paint mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Trakehner and owned by Carol Boettcher

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