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my received her first model horses--a SR classic QH family in chestnut Appaloosa--in 1986 (she still has them!). At that time, Amy didn't know that Breyers could be anything more than "toys"--she was from the My Little Pony generation, after all! So eventually she lost track of Breyers, until she rediscovered them in 1991. Ever since then, her collection has been growing faster than a population of rabbits!

Amy paints by hand with acrylics. She's hoping to try her hand at airbrushes one day, but for now is content working with hand-painting. She most enjoys customizing Friesians, even though only come in black (rarely bay or chestnut). Andalusians are also a favorite, but she generally enjoys customizing anything with four legs, a mane, and a tail!

Amy lucky enough to own two real horses. Blaze is a 1986 Quarter Horse/Welsh pony cross. He has foundered in all four legs so can't be ridden--about all she can do with him is coddle him and increase his ego! She also has a 1973 champagne dun Quarter horse mare, Easter's Bonnet. Easter's unofficially retired and only goes out with short rides down the road with me. She's a lazy old horse who pretends to has no personality, but show her a bag of carrots and she does her impression of Jurassic Park.

Future plans include impoving on her customizing with each horse and getting to know more people in the hobby. Amy says, "There are so many negative things in the world...this hobby is such a great, positive thing that I want to be a part of it for as long as possible."

When she's not being a model horse fanatic, Amy's a student at Texas A & M University where she's studying as an elementary education major. She's also an avid reader and a big fan of Alexandre Dumas. (This author wrote The Three Muskateers, among others) Amy's an aspiring fantasy author as well, with many novels in progress right now.

Amy also has her own site online, Muskateer Stables.

Unless noted, all models are owned by Amy; the photos were taken by Michelle Wilson.

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Top: FDL LaVerna and FDL There's Your Trouble, dapple grey Arabian mare and black tobiano Pintabian filly customized from the Hartland Lady Jewel and Jade; created in 1998

Bottom: FDL Irish Party, dark bay tobiano Gypsy Vanner stallion customized from the Frank resin, "Bizet;" created in 1998

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