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inda Watson, known in the past as Linda Watson-McCormick, is from the northwest, and has been active in the hobby for many years. Not only creating some fabulous horses, but costumes as well.

Linda started collecting in the 1960's (although she received her first Breyer, an Alabaster Shetland Pony, when she was 5) and in the 1970's joined her first club. She was a big participant in photo showing, usually coming home with a ninth or tenth placing and remebers being very happy about that!.

Her first custom was a Hong Kong Breyer Wanna-be that she painted black and haired with some of her dog's hair trimmings (eek!). She made her own western saddle and used a yarn potholder as the blanket. She then spent the next ten years refining her techniques.

When she moved to the Seattle, Washington area, she met Daphne Macpherson and boy did things happen then! Linda and Daphne started the live show circuit in Washington State. They hosted monthly shows in their garages. It was always worrisome to try to break even on the shows ($30 for awards and $8 entry fees). Eventually, this lead to the Northwest Congress show held each May in Renton, WA. Linda traveled around judging and showing throughout the Northwest.

After a hiatus from the hobby (1997-1999), Linda took up the paint brush again. She moved back to Southern Oregon and assisted with getting shows in that area. Costume making, painting and collecting once again, what bliss.

Currently (fall 2001) she is taking limited custom orders and is working on a resin for Spring Fever Live 2002!

Linda would love to hear from folks who have a piece of hers that has done well in the show ring.

You can contact Linda by email.

Photo Credits

Name unknown, Bay tobiano Warmblood customized from the Gina Hall Bach resin, created in 2001.

The Watson Gallery


Arabian Costume
Made by Linda Watson and shown on an OF Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Mare; this costume was auctioned off at the 1997 Western Regional Congress

Customized horses

Name unknown
Silver dapple going grey Arabian customized from the Breyer Stablemate rearing Arabian, created in 2001.

Name unknown
Fleabitten grey Arabian customized from the Loza Mini Nataf bisque, created in 2000.

Dappled rose grey Arabian customized from the Breyer Proud Arabian Mare, created circa 1987 (and still showing quite well).

Above horse shown in "Fantasia" costume created by Joan Berkwitz.

Name unknown
Dapple Grey Arabian gelding customized from the Kathleen Moody (Hartland) Simply Splendid resin, created circa 1992.

Name unknown
Dapple chestnut Arabian stallion customized from the Kathleen Moody On Broadway resin, created circa 1997 for Lorre Painter.

Name unknown
Bay Arabian stallion customized from the Vicki Keeling Desert Legacy resin, created circa 1995 for Alice Horton.

Name unknown
Bay Arabian mare customized from the Hagen-Renaker Zara, created circa 1992 for Karen Caldwell.

Name unknown
Bay roan Clydesdale customized from the Hagen-Renaker Clydesdale, created circa 1992 for Daphne Macpherson.

Blacxk Jack
Bay Clydesdale stallion customized from the Breyer stablemate Clydesdale stallion and owned by Morgan Millner.

Name unknown
Silver Dapple Lusitano customized from the Breyer Stablemate Andalusian, created in 2000.

Name unknown
Chestnut roan blanket Appaloosa (with halo spots) customized from the Breyer Stablemate walking stock horse, created in 1999.

Name unknown
Blue roan semi-leopard Appaloosa (with halo spots) customized from the Darian Buckles Millennium Tango resin (SR for Spring Fever Live 2000), created in 2001.

Name unknown
Silver buckskin grade stock horse customized from the Kristina Lucas Francis Kulfi resin, created in 1998.

Name unknown
Fleabitten grey Warmblood customized from the Breyer Terrang, created circa 1992.

Bay Pinto Shetland Pony customized from the Breyer Stablemate Arab Mare by Jaci Hibbert and painted by Linda Watson. Owner unknown was sold at auction. Photo provided by Jaci Hibbert.

Name unknown
Brown unknown bovine-breed calf customized from the Hartland calf, created circa 1992.

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