Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty reports: Wade is a very popular (and *highly* collectable) company here in the UK. They have produced many ranges of product in many sizes: one is the "Whimsy" range. At one point in the 1960s/70s the Whimsies also came free with a product here in the UK [Red Rose tea]. Nearly everybody had some in the house - I remember a friend at school used to keep one in her pencilcase where it played a crucial role in a game called '"grab the Whimsy", played when the teacher was occupied elsewhere ;)

Wade and H-R had an informal, friendly link for some years - which may be one of the reasons why Wade produced a range of Disney figures in the 1960s, of a similar size to the H-Rs Disneys but in porcelain.

Kim Carter reports in 2005 that Wade Ceramics Ltd has purchased the North Light factory in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Company site.

Left: Zebra, shown as "Zantique," zony owned by Juanita Snyder

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