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ori Williams is not known by the curator.

The Williams Gallery

Zion Serrab
Chestnut rabicano Arabian stallion, customized from the Liz Bouras Arabian resin. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

Bad Boy Boogie, red roan Mustang stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Running Stallion with Fighting Stallion head by Lori Williams and owned by Cari Zisk

Deuces Are Wild
A chestnut roan leopard Appaloosa stallion customized from from the Breyer Black Beauty.

Fleetwood Bigmac ZI
Red liver chestnut frosted blanket Appaloosa Stallion customized from the Breyer Stock Horse Stallion (with head from San Domingo); completed 1994; owned by Cindi Nakagawa

*Imperador ZI
Buckskin Lusitano stallion customized from the Pour Horse "Suspiro"; completed 1994; owned by Cindi Nakagawa

Smart Zanolena ZI
Palomino rabicano Quarter Horse mare customized from the Nandell "Whiplash" resin; owned by Cindi Nakagawa

Professionally Dun ZI
Smutty Palomino Quarter Horse stallion customized from the BHR Mr Conclusion resin; owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

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