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ynne Von Mayr, formerly known as Lynne Baum, has been creating champions for over three decades! She began collecting model horses when she was a child and discovered the hobby when she was about 14 or 15. She did her first repaint at age 16, and went to her first live show that same year--VALSUN LIVE in 1977. There she saw some of Nancy Strowger's pieces (aka Jason Ross, etc.) and was very inspired by their beauty.

Lynne enjoys working with all sizes of models, but has a particular fondness for minis, many of which have won live show Championships over the big guys! Her favorite breeds are Arabians and Paints, but she loves drafters, warmbloods, and all other breeds too.

For real life reference, Lynne's had many horses over the years, and had the opportunity to work at several Arabian farms in Scottsdale--Lucky Lynne's had her hands on *Muscat, *Magnolia, *Nariadni, Gai Champion, and *Gondolier, among others---she even cared for Khemosabi's dam, Jurneeka, while she was at Karho Arabians, and used to ride her around bareback with just a halter! To make Janet Piercy most green with envy, she's even worked with the fabulous Paint stallion Versary Bars, who Lynne says was a really special horse!

Lynne was able to get back into horse ownership in 2003, when she bough the 20 year old Polish import *Esta PASB (ARGO x ETA), followed by 2 more mares later that year, one Crabbet (Gracious Lace), one Crabbet/Spanish (Nola Contendre). *Esta and Nola both had colts in June of 2004. Esta's papers were lost with her dead registered owner, so her very lovely son Benni, sired by Strike Forse (by Natl Ch Stallion STRIKE, by *Aladdinn), tho purebred, cannot be registered. Nola's son, by Ibn Aurab lived with me until he was 2, he is now in California. The AHA member magazine, Modern Arabian Horse, has AUR GABRIEL listed in the Stallion Directory (with a pic I don't like, if fails to show how pretty he is)--Gabe is a chestnut sabino Arabian Sport Horse Stallion. Lynne owns 17 horses as of November 2009 (*Esta died inSeptember at 26), including 2 Exceptionally well bred Huckleberry Bey grandaughters, one of which, Havanna Huck, is Lynne's favorite--Vanna has a young Morab filly at side. Lynne has AQHA amd Morgan stallions, tho the plan is to have NO stallions by next year. QH stallion Keyhole Wow, a 2005 bucksin bought as a weanling (sired by reining Champion Bostons Watch Me Two), sire 4 colts born this year, a buckskin tobiano, a dunskin QH, a bay QH built like a Tank, which is what we call him, and a gorgeous dappled smutty palomino out of a Lippitt Morgan mare-- "Keeper" will be Lynne's future trail riding horse. While Lynne loves all her horses, health concerns demand a reduction in numbers.

Although Lynne loves horses and the model horse hobby, it takes a back seat to her favorite pastime, which is breeding, training and showing Dalmatians! She's been involved with this beautiful dog breed for over 25 years, and has owned and/or bred dozens Champions. It's easy to see why she loves dogs so, her parents were breeders and trainers too! In 1995, Lynne met a wonderful man at a Dalmatian specialty show, and she and Robert married on April 19, 1996. He loves the dogs, and is fascinated and impressed by the models too! (Eat your heart out, everyone!!). In 1999, their son Elliot was born, and at age 10 he does very well in school--he's a 5th grade who is reading at 10th grade level! He loves the Dalmatians, but his favorite dog is Yugi, our first homebred Tibetan Spaniel--Elliot is showing Yugi in Junior Handling....Lynne aquired her first Tibetan Spaniel, Lucy, in 2006... Lucy quickly earned her championship, and is going to be bred in 2010. Josie joined the family a year later, already pregnant, so the first Tibbi pups at Paradox were born Christmas Day 2007. While now severely disabled, Lynne tries to enjoy the animals as much as possible. She is hoping to be able to resume sculpting and customizing with physical therapy to strengthen her arms and hands. She also buys far more unpainted resins than Robert would like, as well as collecting work by other artists. Robert is a very loving and supportive husband and father, and Lynne describes him a a rare, exceptional person, loyal almost to a fault, completely faithful, and exteremely tolerant....In short, a truly GOOD person. Lynne is a self-described "Alpha Bitch", stating that with over 20 dogs, it is an essential role that comes to her easily(!!)....she further describes her self as a perfectionist, and difficult to live with....Knowing these things about herself makes her appreciate her Husband even more. She is doing her best to raise Elliot to be responsible and independant; and is very proud of the person he is becoming.

If you'd like to get in touch with Lynne, her email and snail mail addresses are below:

Lynne Von Mayr
7414 E. Glacier Park Ct. Sahuarita, AZ, 85629

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Top: Chestnut Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Classic Shetan and owned by unknown; created in 1987

Middle: Ad Versary, black tovero Paint stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Stock Horse Stallion with a San Domingo head and owned by Gabriele Wild of Germany; created in 1991

Bottom: Grey draft mule john customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter; created in 1994

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