The Von Schierholz porcelain factory was established in 1815 in Plaue, Thuringia, East Germany. In the early days of the factory it was controlled by the sovereign, Gunther Friedrich Carl I, from his castle at Sondershausen. The concession to operate the factory was granted to Christian Gottfried Schierholz of Dornheim and was operated by his family until 1972 when it was nationalized. In 1990 the Von Schierholz family reacquired the factory which now operates under the name “Plaue”.

The factory produced high quality “Dresden” ware and is most famous for ornate Meissen-like and rococo pieces trimmed with gilt and flowers. In the early 1900’s Von Schierholz exported its finest decorative pieces worldwide, including to New York City. Von Schierholz is also known for highly collectible “character” steins - beer mugs with decorative faces, often of famous people. Information provided by Kathy Williams.

Above left: Hallmark of the Von Schierholz & Sons company. Image provided by Kathy Williams.

“Steigendes Hengst” or “Rearing Stallion” in white
The rearing stallion was sculpted by Gustav Gossenburger about 1920. Gustav Gossenburger worked at Von Schierholz from about 1916 to 1953. The rearing stallion is quite large at over 14” tall and is very heavy in porcelain. He’s rarely seen today, so probably few were ever produced. Image and information provided by Kathy Williams.

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