Please if you have any information on these pieces.

Trotting Horse in Light Grey
Unknown Italian porcelain shown as "Italian Stallion," Andalusian stallion owned by Janice Whitcomb

Trotting Horse in Light Grey
Shown as "Rite of Passage," Andalusian stallion owned by Janice Whitcomb

Trotting Coach Horse
7.25", carved from stone; owned by Traci Hilbert

Trotting Arabian in Bay
This is a copy of the Breyer's Traditional Family Arabian Stallion, made before 1950 and owned by Judy Caruso

Trotting Arabian in Bay
An obvious copy of the Breyer Traditional Family Arabian Stallion. Photo provided by Debbie Shy

Trotting Arabian in Grey
Made in Hong Kong across left side. Size: 4" from hoof to ear tip 4" from nose to tail. Shown as Ghost; owned by Janice Williford. Thought:  Breyer knockoff Paddock Pal or Little Bits size (slightly smaller) in the Family Arabian Stallion mold. The line you see running across his side is actually the Made in Hong Kong mark! 

Trotting British Cavalryman
Owned by Dennis Doyle

Prancing Horse in Palomino
4.25"; marked "C47" on inside of right hind leg. Owned by Traci Hilbert

Prancing Horse in Black
6.5"; owned by Traci Hilbert

Prancing Horse in buckskin
Photo provided by Debbie Shy. This is a common "tourist trap" souvenir; they're all made either in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Trotting Horse in red
Made from leather, owned by unknown

Trotting Horse in cremello
Owned by Alicia who comments:
it's the size of a barbie horse, but i think it may be a knock-off. i know they are from the 80's or at least i had a blue pegasus in the same pose as the unknown horse back in the 80's. i cant find anything else on these horses. if you could help i would greatly appreciate it!

Prancing Horse bookend in yellow
Owned by Kathe Bannigan

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