Please if you have any information on these pieces.

Prancing Foal in Chestnut
Photo provided by Gina Anderson

Standing Foal in Purple
Photo provided by Gina Anderson

Lying Foal in Bay
1.75" tall. has "HK J" ingraved on belly; photo provided by Jillian Cutright

Frolicking Foal
2.75", hand-carved from wood; owned by Traci Hilbert

Mini Chinas
Mare (H-R copy): 1.5", Standing Foal: 2", Walking Foal: 2"; owned by Barri Mayse

I'm a Fawn! No wait! I'm a Calf!
No! No! I'm really a Filly!

2.75"; shown as "G'Zelle," Andalusian filly (?!) owned by Barri Mayse.
(Note from Janet: I love this critter because I can't decide what animal it is! After close study, I think it's a combination between all three, a "Calfillyfawn"!)

Trotting Foal
4"; shown as "U Wanna Bet," Appaloosa filly owned by Barri Mayse

Cantering Foal
Shown as "*Dream Easy," Anglo-Arab colt owned by Leah Posey

Trotting Foal
Shown as "BNA Filly O' Mine," Morgan filly owned by Debra Carlson

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