Please if you have any information on these pieces.

Cantering Appaloosa
Shown as "Diamond Lil'", POA mare, owned by Patricia Ohlott

Cantering Horse in Palomino
Shown as "Rimrock," Mustang stallion owned by Janice Whitcomb; circa 1950s.

Cantering Horse in Palomino
8"; "Bonanza Horse," came with wagon (horse has wheels on bottom of hooves). Marked "Bonanza" on inside left flank, marked American Character" on inside right; photo provided by Traci Hilbert

Cantering Horse
4.75"; shown as "Sheer Folly," POA gelding owned by Barri Mayse

Cantering Horse
6"; shown as "Hi-Impact," POA gelding owned by Barri Mayse

Cantering Pegasus
Owned by unknown

Cantering chestnut horses
Owned by Ruben & Chris. 9-10" tall; ceramic. No maker hallmarks reported.

Cantering bay on base
Owned by Diane.

Cantering Palomino
From an estate sale. I found it about 10 years ago. This mold is still in use today, so I have no idea how old this guy might be. He has some crazing on his belly, but I don't know if that's a sign of age. About Classic size. Owned and photos by Melodie Dowell.

Cantering bay drafter
Owned and photos by Melodie Dowell.

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