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arah Tregay loves minis. She paints with a variety of mediums from airbrushing to pastels and colored pencils, whatever it takes to get the coat color she’s after. Sarah’s models are mostly simple customs and repaints. Frequent Flyer, a jumping American Warmblood, is her first resin.

Sarah is the author of three books on model horses: Creating Pastel  Champions, a step-by-step guide to painting model horses with pastels, Creating Champions, a step-by-step guide to remaking (now called customizing), and Discover Model Horses. Creating Pastel  Champions  is professionally printed by on-demand publisher, lulu.com. Back in 1991, Creating Champions tackled the task of collecting information about customizing and putting it all together in one book. Hundreds of copies have sold as the model horse hobby grew. Discover Model Horses (now out of print) was an introduction to the hobby, touching on a wide range of topics of interest to new hobbyists from photoshowing to customizing and tackmaking.

In 2003, Sarah purchased her first and only real horse. Benny’s Pot-O-Spots, or Mr. Pots for short. He is a registered Appaloosa out of a BLM Mustang mare. He stands 15.3 hands high in a bay roan snowflake pattern with rust colored spots. He loves to jump, go on trail rides, and eat treats.

Sarah has a BFA and an MFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Website: sarahtregay.com

Email: sarahtregay@yahoo.com

2217 W. Burns Street, Eagle ID 83616

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Top: Unnamed: Yellow dun Fjord mare customized from a Micro Mini pewter Pixie Pony mold; created in 2006 with airbrush, pastel points and acrylics. That's a butterfly on her croup.

Bottom: Name unkown. Dapple grey Highland pony  stallion, customized from the Breyer Stablemate Native Dancer; created in 2003 with airbrush and colored pencils dapples.

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