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andy Tomezik has been actively involved in model horse showing since 1969 and has been painting models since that time. Sandy has been a sculptor for over 20 years and although she enjoys customizing plastic and resin models, she prefers to work in wood. She studied bird carving for several years with nationally known carver Clayton Eckman, and has won many awards for her sculptures of birds and animals. You can see some of them if you visit her website.

The combination of woodworking and painting skills has lead to carousel restoration, which is, in Sandy's opinion, the ultimate model horse project. Her taste tends towards flashy gaited horses, quirky ponies and exotic pintos. She paints in oils and airbrushed acrylics, depending on her mood.

With her many years of experience, Sandy is a popular and entertaining live show judge. Sandy has an extensive collection, which threatens to completely take over her home. She is fond of ancient show horses of the 60's and 70's and has a sort of retirement home for some of her favorites of those decades.

You can contact Sandy via email.

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Top: Chestnut Saddlebred stallion customized from the Hartland 11" Saddlebred; created in 1984

Bottom: Smoke and Mirrors, brown grulla Quarter Pony mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Pony of the Americas; created in 1996

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