Tagliariol ("Tay")
Left: 7" donkey, photo by Lori Critchfield

STORY OF TAY: "The magnificent Tay figures are produced in Monza, Italy. The factory and figures are known as TAY, the trade name of Tagliariol, the correct name of the artist and factory. The TAY factory is owned by Giuseppe Tagliariol, who holds a Master of Ceramic Arts degree. Each of the pieces that his factory produces is made from one of his own creations.

Giuseppe Tagliariol was born in Treviso, Italy, On December 19, 1915. He attended the art division of the Treviso Industrial School where he received a diploma. From 1933 to 1940, he lived in Milan whre he was first a student and then assistant ceramic master with Cacciapuoti. In 1945, he was made assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He was an associate of the sculptor Leo Paronetto in Treviso. In 1952, he opened a studio in Monza with a showing of his artistic ceramic pieces.

Each TAY figure is created by Giuseppe Tagliariol from raw clay with sculptors tools. Next, skilled artisans make a series of intricate molds to encompass the various parts, which will later form an entire figure. Because of the complex details of the items in this line, there may be as many as
twenty different parts necessary for a mold. Those familiar with the art of ceramics know the more intricate the figure, the more individual molds are required to reproduce it. After the parts are removed from the molds, they are put together and the figure is then entirely hand-sculptured. Next it is put into a kiln for firing. After coming from the fire, the piece is intricately hand painted by artists selected for skill and talent in their field. After the pieces are hand painted, they are fired then glazed and refired. "

(The previous was reportedly taken directly from the tag from one of these figures.)

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