Safari, Limited Silver Deers' Ark Stallions, USA
Sanbo Robert Simmons Starlite Originals
Sandicast Sitzendorf Steff's
Schleich SLO (Stablemate Lovers Only Stone Horses
Schmid Sojourner Tack Stone Critters
Shafford Sonsco Swallow Horsetoys
Shebag Southern Crystal Ranch Sylvac
Sherrat & Simpson Stable Stars Szeiler
Shiken Staffordshire  

Karelin Samman Sue Sifton Marie Spinella Phillips
Shelly Santin Nelson Traci Skelton Diane Staggs
Carrie Sapp Kristel Smart Janice Starr
Jessica (Saucier Parker) McCune Anthea Smith Jan Stevens
Dani Schact Karenetta Smith Pam Talley Stoneburner
Kate Schick Laura Rock-Smith Lisa Strang
Katie Schmidt Michelle Smith Strowger/Ross
Laura Schmidt Ray Ann Sneathen Janys Stubbs
Therese Schuler Melody Snow Judy Sturm
Lisa (Rivera) Sheperd Lora Speiser Sue Sudekum
Fara Shimbo Linda Spiesschaert Kim Swanson

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