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ue R. Sudekum has been an active hobbyist since 1973, showing and creating more horses with every passing year. The first model she ever laid brush to was an old Hartland 9" Five-Gaiter which she painted black with India ink. Fortunately for her, and the hobby in general, she got a little more adventurous and over the years has become reknown for her spectacular Appaloosas. She works in exclusively in acrylics and has created many stunning models which have gone on to win countless championships not only in America, but also Germany and Australia. Although not a household name, her consistent creation of quality and affordable customs has made her a worthwhile contributor to the model horse hobby.

This gallery shows only a fraction of the hundreds of horses (and other creatures) that Sue has created over the years. Many of these horses are still owned and shown by her at live shows across the country, and still bring in the ribbons. Other models have been created especilly for their owners, and are portraits of living horses. Even others are purely figments of Sue's imagination...can you tell which are which?

As you look at these images, perhaps you can see the subtle change in styles over the years. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and neither does Sue. Almost each new model has a new technique or shading idea applied to it, a new way to reposition, a new sculpting or hairing technique. It is this dynamic evolution that keeps the hobby of model horse customizing and showing as vital and significant today as it was in the beginning!

The mutant model above is a clear indicator of Sue's wild and crazy personality...she doesn't take the hobby so seriously that she can't have some fun by creating such a glorious monster! To get in touch with Sue by email.

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Mutzy the Mutant Mustang, "Modeldom's worst-ever customized model'! Can you guess what it USED to be? Mutzy is now mercifully deceased!

Bottom: Sans Sneakapeek, dun blanketed Appaloosa mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Stock Horse Stallion and owned by Sue Sudekum

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