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ancy Strowger and Jason Ross are the same person, though it wasn't common knowledge for many years. Nancy Strowger was the actual artist, but she painted under many assumed names over the years, including Jason Ross, Alan Ross, Dr. Jason Hunter, and Sarah Ross. (There were other assumed names as well, but they have been forgotten over time.) She was active in the late 1970's to the mid-1980's; to my knowledge none of the artist(s) produce any type of work anymore. It was unfortunate that the various names were used in a number of cases to cheat people out of their money in exchange for models that were never sent. People began figuring out that these artists were all the same person after comparing pieces next to each other and seeing the identical styles.

Despite the stories that circulate about Strowger, it cannot be denied that her horses are remarkable and still coveted, being shown to championships in the 1990's. I'd like to thank Elizabeth Bouras for the majority of the photos shown in this gallery, but also to Renee Mareska, who helped me with factual information for this write-up as well as photos!

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Photo credits:
*Amarna Ibn Halima, flea-bitten grey Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Stallion; created in 1977
Bottom: Tadeusz, grulla Oldenberg stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Adios and owned by Elizabeth Bouras
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