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isa Strang has been actively involved in the hobby since 1985 and customizing since 1987. Susan Rudnicki (another artist I would like to have a Gallery for!) got her started in customizing by showing her how to use epoxy and an airbrush (thanks Sue!). She specializes in hunters, stock horses and ponies. Lisa uses an airbrush and details by hand in acrylics; models done in oils will be offered in late 1996. Lisa's horses can be found all over the world, with the majority in the eastern US.

Lisa can be considered one of the hobby's best kept secrets. Since time constraints have kept her from accepting custom orders until recently, she doesn't advertise. Her work is sold almost as soon as it's finished, so it's rarely seen on her sales lists. Lisa can be credited for producing numerous live show champions.

What she enjoys most about customizing is having an idea for a horse and seeing it become a reality. Future plans include a resin, a trotting Sporthorse colt named "Foxesrcool," which should be available in time for Breyerfest 1996.

If you would like to get in touch with Lisa, you may contact her by the email link from her name.

The Strang Gallery


Customized Models

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Top: Quietriot,chestnut Thoroughbred gelding customized from the Breyer Classic Swaps and owned by unknown
Bottom: Red roan Clydesdale geldings customized from the Chris Jolly resins, Just Plain Bill and Just Another Bob by owner Lisa Strang

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