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anice Brent Starr is a well-known artist who has been creating equine sculptures for many years. Long before the hobby began producing resincast models, Janice had been casting her sculptures in porcelain, which is the medium she likes best for finished pieces. She has produced many equines over the years including Arabians, warmbloods and Thoroughbreds, stock horses, Saddlebreds and even mules, but what she is known most for are her drafts, of which she has done many. Unfortunately, I don't have as many pictures as I would like of her pieces, but below is a sampling of her work. As I gather more photos, I'll add them to this gallery.

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Morgan & Gaited Molds

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Photo credits:

Top: Will O' the Wisp, palomino tobiano Saddlebred gelding customized from the Janice Starr Standing Morgan and owned by Melanie Westfall

Bottom: Noble Flair, chestnut Morgan mare customized from the Janice Starr Traditional-sized porcelain trotting Morgan sculpture by Michelle McKenney and owned by ?

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