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iana Staggs, first learned about Marx Johnny West figures and horses and all the wonderful accessories when she was a young child growing up in the 1960's. Diana had Johnny and Jane West and a few of the horses, Thunderbolt, Flame, and Thundercolt.

She didn't actually know that other figures and horses existed until a few years ago when eBay started up on the internet. Diana looked up MARX JOHNNY WEST, and discovered a website called the VINTAGE TOYROOM owned by TOM HEATON, who is author of THE MARX ENCYCLOPEDIA and JOHNNY WEST ADVENTURES MODULE 1.

Diana later started customizing or resculpting and painting the horses and figures. There are a lot of other very talented customizers of the Marx horses and figures, and many other 1:6 scale accessories for these horses and figures in the Johnny West world. The customizing for her is very relaxing and fun. She enjoys it a lot!! Diana also enjoys looking at all the various custom items other people create. It is amazing what other artists have created for Johnny West figures and horses!!

Diana lives in Florence, Alabama. with two children, Amanda, and Bronson. The family has two female Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) named Karone and Sassy, and a sweet little male Tabby cat named Riley.

Diana has been HORSE CRAZY all her life!! She owned several real horses during her childhood and owned an Appaloosa mare named DIXIE when she was about 21 years old. Dixie was the last REAL horse Diana owned. Now that she's "older" Diana just own model horses, but she owns several HUNDRED!!

Diana's tremenous love for horses led her to learning to resculpt one of her childhood favorites... the MARX horse!! They are very easy to work on, and lots of FUN too!! Resculpting and painting them is not only FUN, but VERY relaxing too. It is GREAT for getting rid of stress!! She uses mostly Acrylic paints when painting them. She also paints by hand. Diana hopes you enjoy looking at her work. The Marx horses are very collectible either in original form, or customized. There are even Artists who create real leather saddles and bridles for them. They are truly amazing!!

If you would like to get in touch with Diane, you may click on her name to send her email.

Photo credits

Above: Navarone. Bay Quarter Horse gelding customized from the Marx Thunderbolt. Created 2007.

The Staggs Gallery

Blood bay Quarter Horse customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT.

Buckskin mustang customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT. The Mexican figure is a custom by Noah Coop.

Black mustang customized from the MARX COMMANCHE; Diana even resculpted his lower jaw and added TEETH to this horse!!

Name unknown
Black roan blanket Appaloosa customized from the MARX PANCHO PONY for Virginia Wilcox.

Kiowa (pony) and Eagle Feather
Indian pony gelding customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT. The figure is a MARX JOHNNY WEST.

Kiowa (pony) and Blackhawk
Indian pony gelding customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT. The figure is a MARX Geronimo.

Bay foal customized from the MARX THUNDERCOLT.

Name unknown
Black pinto mustang customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT. The Indian figure is a MARX GERONIMO resculpted and painted. Both are owned by Claude Walters.

Glory (mare) and Star (foal)
Chestnut stock mare customized from the MARX THUNDERBOLT. Cream dun stock filly customized from the MATTEL DIXIE foal.

Albino stallion, resculpted and painted using a Marx Sindy horse from the UK. His name is SNOWFIRE. Diane comments: I customized him from my childhood memories of the 1958 movie "Snowfire", about a wild Albino stallion and a little girl named Molly McGowan that loved him. Created 2006.

Red dun stallion, customized from Ertl horse. Created 2007.

Golden Empress
Palomino mare, customized from Marx Thunderbolt; created 2008. Owned and photographed by artist Diane Staggs.

Chestnut pinto gelding, customized from Marx Thunderbolt; created 2008; ment to be portrait of Tonto's horse (from the Lone Ranger). Owned and photographed by artist Diane Staggs.

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