Huntseat Sidesaddle
Has a weymouth bridle with laced reins and a terrier carrier! Made by Melody Snow, owned by Robyn Hope and created in 1995.

Huntseat Sidesaddle
Close-up of the terrier carrier!

Dressage saddle
Grey Dressage Saddle created in 2002. Based on the Stubens grey dressage saddles. It has adjustable stirrup leathers with punched leather holes, painted in stirrup treads, extra-long billets, & mock stitching around the edges! It came with 2 girths.

Bronc Saddle
Features basket weave pattern, hand-braided lead rope, and monogrammed bronc halter.

Charro Sidesaddle
Made by Melody Snow for Donna Sloan; created in 1997.

Charra Sidesaddle
Charra Sidesaddle & Charra Rider. Sold to Donna Sloan. Created in 1998-9.

Spanish Costume
Made by Melody Snow to represent the Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez; created in 1998.

Spanish Costume
Spanish Riding School of Vienna Costume made in 1995. The blanket stripes and fringe indicate that the rider of this set is Master of School. This set is part of Melody Snow's personal show string and will be the only Master of School set she makes. All other sets will be for other level riders.

Spanish Costume
Spanish Riding School of Vienna Costume made in 2007. Weymouth Bridle with Plated Parts and 5 strand hand-braided "web", snaffle reins, Saddle,Plated Crouper, Plated Breast Collar, Half-Blanket with hand-braided trim.

Portuguese Cavalero Costume
Portuguese Cavalero Costume & Rider. Created 1998-9. Sold to Donna Sloan. Details of rider and bridle below.

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