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elody Snow, of The Unicorn Woman, (logo at right) can't remember a day without a Breyer in the house. However, she didn't become involved with the organized model horse hobby until 1980, when she placed an ad in the Horse Trader section of Just About Horses. She was 14 years old and that was when she began selling model horse costumes to the public.

Over 20 years later, Snow's extensively researched tack line ranges from western to historical, from english to spanish, and from strictly authentic to fantastical, though horse costumes remain a favorite. In addition to tackmaking, Snow also eductates other hobbyists. Her growing line of tack kits include things like kits for Arabian Costumes and Native American Brave's Costumes. She also has conducted seminars, demonstrations, and workshops at such events as Lone Star Live, the Texas State Fair, and Breyerfest. Her tack articles have appeared in model horse magazines and in Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.

Snow is a member of the Lone Star Leather Crafter's Guild and has competed in the International Federation of Leather Guilds Show (a show held each year by a participating leather guild).

If you would like to get in touch with Melody, you may click on her name to send her email or check out her website.

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