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ate Schick. of Tuscany Studios, was born a British citizen in Changi City, Singapore in 1970. Raised and educated in Scotland, she attended Dollar Academy Boarding School and studied art under the reknowned Scottish Illustrator, Jennifer Campbell.

She started a Fine Art degree at Grays School Of Art in Aberdeen, but due to health problems, she took a year off to receive medical treatment in the US. In 1990 she met and married Richard Schick - a US Navy Diver and became a resident of the USA.

Kate lives with her husband and two children - Adam, age 12 and Rachel age 11 years. Her sister, a doctor in the RAF, lives in England. Kate's Father has now retired to the North of Scotland.

She is involved with Egyptian Arabian breeding - currently the family owns a small band of select broodmares with some of the most sought-after straight Egyptian bloodlines in the world today.

With a strong academic art background, she is however a self-taught airbrush artist. Continually striving to bring a new level of realism to equine sculpture, she uses a variety of mediums including acylics, chalk pastels and colored pencils - employing both airbrush and handpainting techniques.

She has painted for over 200 people in more than 7 countries, and her work has achieved the highest recognition at the North American Nationals.

In the past, Kate has done freelance work for both Breyer Animal Creations/Reeves International, and The Peter Stone Company.

July 2008: she's now in Texas.

You can contact Kate via her Website or email.

The Schick Gallery

Customized Models

Original Finish Pieces

Photo credits:

Top: Name unknown. Dapple Sooty Buckskin Paso Fino stallion customized from the Fraley ‘Enviado’ resin; created for owner Laura Bergstrom.

Bottom: Name unknown: Bay Roan and Dapple Bay Sabino draft geldings, customized from the Lynn Fraley Punjabi and Poudre resins, for owner Jessica Reske.

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