Name unknown
Dapple Buckskin American Saddlebred gelding customized from the Carlee Balling ‘Haute Aire’ resin.

Name unknown
Dapple Bay American Saddlebred mare customized from the Debbie Lermond ‘Kentucky Reign’ resin, for owner Heather Moreton Abounader.

Agent 007
Dapple Bay Tennesee Walking Horse stallion, customized from the Sarah Rose ‘Independance’ resin, for owner Cheryl Calentine.

Name unknown
Dun Tennesse Walking Horse gelding customized from the Lynn Fraley ‘Chet’ resin.

Bay blanket Appaloosa/Saddlebred cross mare, customized from the Sarah Rose ‘Mini Independance’(Mindy) resin, 2009.

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