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arrie Sapp received her first model horse, a Breyer PAM, at the age of 7, and found out about showing and customizing when she was 12. She attempted remaking as a teenager with the methods of the time, using a candle for heating, auto body putty for filling, unthinned acrylics straight out of the tube for painting, and mock wool top for hairing. Needless to say, she was disappointed with the results and soon gave up. Changing priorities with high school and college eventually led to her dropping out of the hobby. After a 3 year hiatus, she met fellow hobbyist Melanie Westfall, realized what she'd been missing, and dove back into the hobby with gusto.

Due to her remaking failures as a teen, it took much prodding by friends for her to consider trying it again with newer technologies. With their help and advice, she began painting in August of 1996, and remaking somewhat before that. She paints the base color with an airbrush, and finishes all details by hand. She now uses a heat gun and Martin Carbone "Gapoxio" epoxy for sculpting, and refers to a library of reference materials before starting any project. Most of Carrie's customized models have been simple customs, but she has completed three drastic customs, using "squished" Breyers for armatures. In addition, she recently released her first resin, one of which was featured in a performance package at the NAN 1998 Auction. Her work has won 3 Reserve Champs at NAN, as well as numerous Top Tens. She does not accept custom orders, but usually has pieces available for sale. She also has plans in the works for future limited edition resins.

Carrie is also an accomplished web master and has created many excellent web pages, all of which are a great asset to the hobby: Model Horse Sales Pages, Model Horse Links, Model Horse Classified Ads. Make sure to visit her own Portfolio too! She's written about how she created most of the models you'll see in this Gallery, and you'll be able to see larger images if you wish. If you would like to contact Carrie, you can send her email by clicking on her highlighted name.

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Destiny in bay, Carrie's first resincast! This Traditional scale Arabian mare was released as a limited edition of 50-60 pieces.

Bottom: Sandstone Tapestry, light silver dun Dales pony stallion customized from the Chaney Highland Pony resin

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