Unpainted Lonestar resin
New resin released summer 2006.

Appaloosa Lonestar
Palomino blanket appaloosa customized from the Rose Lonestar resin by Sheila Anderson; created 2007. Sheila describes this piece: His base coat is painted in acrylic and pastel. He has so much more depth to the base color than the camera shows, with a soft velvet look to it. (He was actually shown twice this year before the white Appaloosa markings were added and he NAN'd both times). Next the darker spots were added with pencil and the entire pattern was drawn on by pencil. After it was complete it was painted over by hand with acrylic (15+ coats of very thin white was applied until the white was solid). Next mapping was very carefully applied again with pencil, then more white "guard" hairs were added until it faded out into the coat. His mane and tail is cream with darker roots hairs. He has tons and tons of penciled in hairs in his mane and tail. The cream contrast looks amazing against the white blanket. He has a soft white star with each hair painted in and a pink mapped snip. His eyes really bring that gentle disposition to life. The have tear ducts, reddish 3rd eyelids, white sclera, and tri brown corneas with 8 colors of brown and bronze in them. His hooves are very detailed with some soft stripes. Three are gray and one natural where his white sock is. His veining and whisker bumps are highlighted by hand. He is sealed with layers of fixative, Testors and a final matte finish. Eyes, ears, nose and hooves are glossed.

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