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The Sarah Rose Gallery

Resin casts

Ahab (Mini, Arabian)

Brioso (Andalusian)

Caldero (mustang)

Carousel Horse (see image at right)

Cheveyo (Mini, Mustang stallion)

Deseoso (Andalusian)

Doodlebug (mini, grade gelding)

Hadrian (Mini, Dales Pony)

Independence (Tennessee Walking Horse)

Jezebel (Mini Arabian mare; parter to mini Nahar)

Mini Independence (Mini, Tennessee Walking Horse)

Khan (Akhal Teke)

Khemosabi (Arabian)

Libretto (Mini, Andalusian)

Lonestar (Stock type)

Mephisto (Mustang)

Miss American (cantering American Saddlebred)

Nahar (Arabian)

Mini Nahar (Mini, Arabian)

Nevada (Mini, Mustang mare)

Oberon (Mini, Percheron)

Poquito (Mini, Mustang foal)

Rasam (classic, Arabian stallion)

UVM Yesteryear (Morgan)

Working Girl (mini, stock mare)


China releases



UVM Yesteryear

Customized work

Carousel and other customized pieces

Photo credit: Top: Independence and mini Independence, unpainted resins.

Middle: Carousel Horse resin. Released 2009. Painted by Sarah.

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