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isa (Rivera) Sheperd was born right smack in the middle of a lot of horses and artistic people, so it isn't any surprise that she came about doing horse sculptures. Growing up next to Shiawassee farm (a Standardbred breeding/training facility), she had lots of inspiration to begin painting and drawing portraits of horses at a very young age. Many members of her family are in one way or another artistic, so that in itself helped to kindle the spirit to constantly improve. When she turned 18, the farm gave her a job as a groom to racing Standardbreds--this in itself taught a good eye for conformation. Lisa then worked at an Arabian and Lippizan farm, learning the finer aspects of showing and training.

It was after Lisa's marriage that she discovered the hobby; not long after, Lisa dove right into the world of customizing models. It worked out so well that she no longer has time to do anymore drawings or paintings of horses or dogs. Lisa gives credit to her Dad, who offered money for one of her first creations, and when Lisa was hesitant to sell it, told her, "Go ahead and keep working at it, and make each one better." The rest is history.

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Top: Western Pleasure resin (#28) in smutty palomino blanketed Appaloosa owned by Thomas Bainbridge; created in 1996

Bottom: Coin Operated, bay leopard Appaloosa Sport Horse stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Morganglanz with an Adios head and owned by unknown; created in 1991

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