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eri Riggins has been collecting models since she was a kid and has always loved them with a great passion. Though she was aware that there was a hobby for model horses, she didn't find a way into it until 1990, after 17 years of collecting on her own!

With her first issue of Just About Horses, Peri found out about customizing and decided to try it out for herself, using a Legionario III as her first attempt. Then she went to BreyerFest and was overwhelmed by all that she saw. Oh, the information and possibilities! She came home, borrowed a dremel, and started creating her own customized model horses! Although her first love has been collecting OF's--part of the hobby which she enjoys emmensely--Peri finds painting and working on models very relaxing despite how they come out.

1995 was a big turning point for Peri, as she was pointed in the right direction for some terrific advice for improving her work. She decided that working on Stablemates was not only great fun, but also good models to begin with because they didn't have many problems. The result of this help and direction is seen in 1996 as she painted her first resin, "Minuet" by Kathleen Moody, and sold horses (repainted SMs) for the first time! She owes many people much thanks for their support, willingness to help, and encouragement to continue painting.

Peri uses a double-action airbrush for most of her painting, and uses a paint brush with Liquitex acrylic paints for the fine details such as the eyes, small markings, hooves, etc.

In the future, Peri's hoping to continue customizing models but her time is limited, so they may be few and far between. She prefers to sell horses that are finished and presently doesn't take custom orders.

If you'd like to contact Peri, you may send email to her by clicking on her highlighted name.

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Top: Hopeful Chance, palomino Quarter Horse gelding customized from the Breyer Stablemate Swapsand owned by Howard Riggins
Bottom: Thunder's Memory, black Mustang stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional San Domingo and owned by Carole Riggins; created in 1991

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