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heri Rhodes got her first model, a Breyer Traditional Grazing Foal in bay, as a gift when she was 8 years old, and has been hooked on models ever since! Sheri started actively photo showing in 1984 and live showing in 1986, and only took a 2-year break during college and such. She fiddled with customizing through the years but never put as much effort into it as she knew she could. However, after having her second child, she quit her 10-year career in the medical field to stay home with her kids and started Mountain View Studios. Sheri began customizing by hand-painting models but decided to try the airbrush she'd had around for years, and painted her first horse with a can of air! Her husband soon ran out and bought her a compressor and off she went. Sheri has been painting since February1998, and it's almost hard believe how many models she's painted already!

Currently, Sheri uses the airbrush exclusively, aside from hand-painted details. She most enjoys painting resins and minis, and her favorite colors to paint are buckskin and chestnut.

Sheri is currently sculpting and producing her first resins. She looks forward to creating more sculptures with an emphasis on expression and attitude. Sheri and her family moved to Tennessee in 2005.

If you'd like to contact Sheri, you can email her by clicking on her highlighted name or visit her website, Mountain View Studios

The Rhodes Gallery

Artist Resins

Angelica (traditional Arabian filly)

Bahira (littlebit Arabian mare)

Bear (traditional draft stallion)

Bear II (traditional draft stallion)

El Romantico (traditional Spanish stallion)

*Fajer (traditional Arabian stallion)

Ferrari (traditional Arabian weanling colt)

Ladybug (traditional Clydesdale foal)

Lucy (traditional Clydesdale mare)

Prowler (traditional stock horse stallion)

Shelby (traditional Welsh Pony of Cob type, section C)

Smart Sunny Dee (traditional stock horse stallion)

Smokin' Hot Chick (traditional stock horse mare)

Smokin' Hot Rod (traditional stock horse gelding)

Yanni (small traditional Freisen stallion)





Gaited Breeds





Quarter Horses

Spanish Breeds

Thoroughbreds & Warmbloods

Other Breeds

Photo credits:

Top: Keeper of the Flame, brown grulla no-spot blanketed Appaloosa stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Cigar and owned by Kathy Dodson

Upper: Name unknown, Headstudy of Bear 11, in bay.

Middle: Name unknown, Smart Sunny Dee in buckskin.

Lower: Dapple rose-grey Arabian mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Mare and auctioned off at the New Orleans Live Show Auction, Sept. 1998

Bottom: Red chestnut roan Irish Heavy Draft stallion customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter and sold on Ebay

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