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onna Ray of her company, Equine Images, first contacted me on the internet with a note that she had a site and would like to be included as a link, but when I went to visit, I was thrilled and surprised to find that she paints model horses!

To be more specific, she paints copies of a greenware mold that she bought when looking for an unusual Christmas present for her boyfriend. She found the mold and thought it would be an special gift if painted to look like his horse. He was so excited and happy about it that he showed the model to a few of his friends and it seemed that everyone that loved their horse wanted one also. Thus, Equine Images was born.

Donna did not sculpt the mold herself, although she's thought about doing this in the future since she hasn't been able to find any other realistic looking molds to cast. She pours the mold, which is in three parts, puts them together and then assigns its gender. Depending on the order, she will change the mane to a show mane or put the mane on the right side. She then uses oils to paint each model and has been using this medium for many years. She also knows how to use an airbrush, but finds oils gives better shading, especially in the sorrels and the bays.

Donna plans to continue painting horses and is looking for good breed molds to add to her line. She finds a great deal of satisfaction in painting portrait horses and even has one of her Champion horse, Tuno Commander on her mantel.

Donna was raised on a horse and cattle ranch in South Dakota and learned how to ride from her father, who was a cutting horse trainer. She showed Quarter Horses until she graduated from high school and from there was employed with American Airlines as a Flight Attendant (she's no longer in the airline industry). She's had horses and cattle through the years, even qualifying for the Quarter Horse World Championships two years in a row in five different events! She doesn't have any horses right now but is hoping to buy and breed Paints and cattle when she gets another ranch in the near future.

She's also interested in learning more about the model horse hobby, which she wasn't aware of until she found the Model Horse Gallery. Let's all hope she joins us!

Photo Credits:
Stock Horse in bay tobiano; all photos in this gallery were provided by Donna Ray of Equine Images

Blue Roan

Palomino Overo


Palomino Overo

Light Grey

Strawberry Roan

Bay Overo

Seal Brown
This is a portrait of Donna Ray's Champion Quarter Horse, "Tuno Commander"

Chestnut with Blanket
This is a portrait of John Lyons' Appaloosa, "Bright Zip"

Bay Tobiano

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