This England-based company, catering to the upper crust, is known for their exquisite porcelain horses, which were produced in small limited edition runs in the 1960's and 1970's. These rare pieces carried impressive price tags even when they were released, and are prohibitively expensive now, but "RW's" are in very high demand whenever one is found.

Most of their horses were sculpted by Doris Lindner, a very talented artist (she died in 1979), who usually sculpted her pieces after real horses. Many have riders, like the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Queen of England, while others are representatives of certain breeds, like the Dartmoor Pony, and the Palomino Stallion. Part of this write-up was contributed by Mindy Binkley.

Royal Worcester has some information on Doris Lindner here. (Thanks to Kathy Williams for finding the information.)

Photo Credit: Palomino Stallion, shown as "Tuscany," appendix Quarter Horse stallion owned by Mindy Binkley

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