The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory in Copenhagen, Denmark, was established in 1775 and has been inexistence for over two centuries. Royal Copenhagen took over the Bing & Grondahl line in 1991. Some of it’s famous horse figurines include:

By Jeanne Grut (modeled 1959 through 1984):
#4609, Shetland Pony (Grazing)
#4653, Foal Standing
#4698, Reclining Mare & Foal
#4752, Lippizzaner (in Piaffe)

By Carl-Johan Bonnesen (1868-1933)
#471, Carthorse (Percheron in harness on cobbled base), sculpted in 1895

Lauritz Jensen
#1362, Windswept (Jutland Draft horse on base, tail to wind), sculpted in 1912

By Theodor Madsen (1880-1965)
#607, Donkey with baskets (on base)

By Knud Kuhn (modeled 1903-1967 for RC and 1908-1915, 1933-35 for B&G))
(In stoneware, rustic glaze)
Reclining foal
Standing Jutland Draft

Above Left: Carthorse shown as "Rollo" owned by Kathy Williams

Photo provided by Kathy Williams

RC signature
Photo provided by Kathy Williams

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