The Rosenthal Porcelain Factory was est. in Selb Bavaria in 1880 by Phillip Rosenthal. By this date some other german houses such as Meissen and Nymphenburg was the more popular ones. Previously were largely funded by the state. Prior to WW I the purchase of porcelain items had been limited to those in the upper social and financial circles. However,the advances in technology had made the production less difficult and more cost efficient. Rosenthal wanted his artisans to produce goods in which they were unconstrained by conservative guidelines. He also wanted to make porcelian available to much wider market in figurines and tableware.

In keeping with his theory of operation. Rosenthal founded "kunstabteilung" or art department at selb in 1908. As Rosenthal was himself a porceilain artist with a keen eye and deft hand, he was infinitely qualified to solicit artists to work for his firm. He sought those who shared his vision and could combine imagination and Talent.

Some marks of Rosenthal is a:

A great big thank you to Marilyn Lomashewich for providing this information!

Rosenthal Porcelain acquired the firm of Hutschenreuther in 2000. Rosenthal continues to produce and sell the Hutschenreuther line and continues to use the Hutschenreuther mark. Thanks to Kathy Williams for this information

Above Left: shown as "Iolair," chestnut foal approximately in scale with the Beswick Connoissuer Series *large* horses (12"+).

Rearing horse in white glaze
Photo provided by Kathy Williams.

Prancing horse in dapple grey
Possibly by Zugel. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Polo horse in dapple grey
By Moldenhauher. Photo by Marilyn Jensen.

Farm horse in chestnut
By Rottmann. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Prancing horse in dapple grey (#1190)
By Karner. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Prancing horse in dapple grey (#1207)
By Karner, photo by Marilyn Jensen.

Leaper in bay
Sculpted by Fritz. Image provided by Pauline Entin. Curator comments: If it's similar to one I've seen in person, it's about three feet long and more than a foot high!

Colt in Chestnut
Photo provided by Pauline Entin

Colt in light bay
# 1776. About 9 1/8" tall and about 9" wide. Produced around 1950. Designer: Fritz Heidenreich. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Standing foal in chestnut
Rosenthal 1528 Standing Foal sculpted by Prof. Theodor Karner in 1934. Shown as "Diamont" owned by Kathy Williams.

Standing foal in bay
# 1528 done by Kamer around 1940. This is an earlier piece. He stands about 7 1/4" tall and is about 6 1/4" long. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Standing foal in chestnut
By Hussmann. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Standing foal nibbling shoulder in dapple/appaloosa
# 677. Designed by Munch-Khe. About 5 3/4" tall. This piece also comes in a pastel Chestnut. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Rearing foal in grey (#861)
Rosenthal Rearing Foal designed by Graevenitz in 1926. He stands 4 3/4" tall. His insignia says 861 or possibly 8G1 with the number 19 stamped into the base. Then, there is a letter f written below that. Shown in photo. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Lying foal in grey (#826)
2 1/2" tall and about 5 1/2" long. He has a number on his bottom that could be 820 or 826. He also has a number 1 stamped in his bottom. I cannot read the signature as shown in the photo.
Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Lying foal in light bay
By Hussmann. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Lying foal in bay
# 1719, from around 1947. He is about 12 1/2" long and about 6" high including his base. He is marked on the bottom of his base Rosenthal Germany Kunstabteilung Selb US-Zone. He has Albert Hinrich Hussmann on the top of his base. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Lying foal in brown
# 1886. Designer: Klingler. About 3" tall and 4 1/2" long. Designed in 1952. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Cavorting foals in white
This is a Rosenthal set of foals, entitled "Group of Foals". Sculpted in 1927 by F. Graeventiz. Model #922. There is a "FVG" on the base. The Hallmark states "Rosenthal Kunstabteilung Selb" and dates this piece to 1938. The size is approximately 5 1/2" tall and 7 1/2" long. Owned and photographed by Diane Gutzwiler.

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