This company produces a variety of different animals, including horses. These figurines are naturally all brown, made from a mixture of crushed nut shells and other materials. They are sold unpainted, except for their black eyes, and have a slight sheen to them. Each looks as if it was handcarved out of a wood-like material. Most pieces have a protective, felt-covered bottom and sport a gold foil sticker which has a picture of a building and "RED MILL MFG./Handcrafted-USA" typeset in red. (This write-up was contributed by Jennifer Barnas.)

One of the artists who sculpted for the company is Pam Talley Stoneburner, of Virginia, has produced outstanding pieces in both drawing/painting and sculpture. She did the mold for Breyer Arabian Khemosabi and Rugged Lark. Her art work is now limited and hard to find; locals say she does not sell her artwork anymore. Her work is easily identified from the character and expression on the faces. In addition to the two pieces indicated below, other pieces produced by Red Mill she has done include the Morgan horse, the standing Foal, the laying down foal, the deer family, plus several others.   Red Mill closed in 2001 due to the sudden death of one of its owners and the molds were sold to a company in China called Red Mill Craft Company. The are not as nice and are not made of crushed pecans. Information provided by art lover who wishes to remain unidentified.

Above: Lying Foal, measures approximately 4 inches tall by 5.5 inches long; photographed and owned by Jennifer L. Barnas.

Mule in Chestnut
Shown as "Mesa Grande," mule molly owned by Traci Durrell-Khalife

Standing horse in Chestnut
Photo provided by Kendra. "On it's belly the enscriptions says Red Mill copywrite 40 #308 P.J. Stoneburner."

Saddlebred horse in Chestnut
Photo provided by Melodie Dowell. He stands 9 3/4" at the ear tips. He's about 12" long. Sculpted by PJ Stoneburner.

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