MHG Photo Show Listings

Cherry Hill

Regular photo shows.


Internationa Model Equine Hobbyists Association - 25 years old with 12 Online. Oldest and largest model horse online show. Show held monthly. Over 400 exhibitors, 20 Divisions, & 1600 plus classes.


International Model Thoroughbred Association - Created in October 2010. 4 shows/year (15th of February, May, August and November).


The International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association (IPABRA) is a model horse club with a particular interest in pedigree assignment for our models. In the course of assigning parents and bloodlines to our models, we learn about many breeds, issues within those breeds, color genetics, and also equine biomechanics. Most of our members then make their models available to other people as sires and dams. 

Some of the features offered by IPABRA are a yearly pedigree auction to benefit the club; a monthly Halter point show train; a near monthly Performance point show train; a free online Halter monthly point show, year-end and permanent achievement awards; a lively and wonderful listserv with many well known and knowledgeable hobbyists and horse people; a very informative digital newsletter, and a new Tack Library for our members to borrow tack.

Membership is just $3.00 yearly, and entitles members to full benefits. Fees can be sent to Chris Wallbruch via surface mail or via PayPal. Please mail Chris for her address, or go to the IPABRA home page. We welcome new members!

MEPSA photo shows

The Model Equine Photo Showers Association (MEPSA) 2009/2010 show season is under way. This is a mail-in photo show series with 33 qualifier shows leading up to the much-anticipated Championship Show in June 2010. 

Horses placing first, second or third in any halter class are eligible to show in the Championship Show in all halter divisions. Horses placing first, second or third in any performance class are eligible to compete in that class in the Championship Show.

There are seperate halter divisions for original finish plastic, original finish china, resins, and customized models. Performance is divided into Original Finish and Custom.


Model Horse Online Show Series

Model Horse Original Finish Halter Club

A fun and friendly group for discussing and showing original finish model horses of all makes. Our photo shows add competition and prizes, and recognize models by size, make, collectibility, breed/gender accuracy & more.


Free fun shows


Totally Online Photo Showing Association. TOPSA was started in 1999. We've gone through a number of different online formats, but are quite pleased with our present sites on Webshots.

We have a little over 100 entrants, with nearly 24,000 photos shown in 14 Divisions every other month. Classlists vary, but most offer about 55 classes. Fees to show in TOPSA are $5 a year.

We have divisions for OFs, Resins, CMs, Chinas, Minis and Micro-minis, as well as 4 Performance divisions. Entrants show in 5 Qualifyer shows throughout the year and then all qualified horses may show in the year end Championship Show where Champions receive virtual Rosettes.

We also award points throughout the year and tally them up for the year end TOP TEN. Winners receive virtual Loving Cups and medallians.

We hold a drawing and award Judges Prizes, ranging from a model horse to gift certificates and free showing in TOPSA.

We have a friendly Yahoo list, where one can ask and learn about breeds, colors, performance, etc. We get some great discussions going at times.

FantasEquine Online Shows

The FantasEquine Online Show Series was created in 2005 to provide a venue to show off those Fantasy and Decorator Model Equines.

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