This new company made its debut in the spring of 1995 and is headed by one of our hobbiests, Joan Berkwitz! With her previous experience in ceramics, Joan started a company producing detailed, beautiful ceramic horses of the same calibre as Hagen-Renaker's discontinued larger horses. Each mold is usually available in a special run color as well as unpainted (bisque). In conjunction with the 1995 Jamboree, she released the first Pour Horse, Saucy, a young Suffolk Punch mare standing 4.5" tall, sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis. As you can tell by looking at this lovely mare, Saucy is a fabulous success! Joan's second Pour Horse, Owynn, was released in February 1996, a Welsh Mountain Pony stallion which is equally as stunning as Saucy! Next released was a Shetland pony stallion named Bressay, and since then, new pieces are released every six months to a year. The last piece released in 2007 was Otto.

She also took a number of bone china pieces produced by Alchemy and glazed them under the name Marcherware.

Update, March 2008: Joanie will no longer release "OF" pieces through Pour Horse. After years of making hundreds of copies of each mold/color, she needs a change. As she describes it: I'm going to concentrate, instead, on making small editions of custom horses. The ability to make complex molds on horses that would be too difficult for OF, is one of the assets that I can carry into this new endeavour. Making one or two molds, instead of the 15 or so molds necessary for a large production run, will enable me to work on more individual sculptures each year. Advances in glazing techniques will leave me behind if I continue to produce the same color 300 times.

If you would like to contact Joan Berkwicz, you can do so through her Yahoo group

Photo Credits: Saucy in glossy chestnut; this special run color was produced from August, 1995 through February, 1996; photo provided by owner Julie Harris

Saucy in Grey
This special run color was available for only six months (March-September, 1996); left photo provided by Cynthia Gardner, right by Laura Pervier

Saucy in Grey
Images provided by Laura Pervier.

Saucy in Chestnut
The model on the left was produced near the end of the run, notice the difference in colors! Left photo provided by Laura Pervier, right by Cynthia Gardner

Saucy, Repainted
Repainted bay by owner Renee Mareska

Saucy in Black Tobiano
Shown as "WhoWhatWhy," this special piece was custom-glazed by owner Cynthia Gardner

Owynn, Mountain Pony Stallion
This special run color, steel grey, was available for only six months (February through July, 1996)

Owynn in Buckskin
This is a test color piece owned by an anonymous collector (she doesn't want to be bombarded by offers!)

Owynn in Grey
Shown as "Powys Castle," owned by Janice Whitcomb

Owynn in Bay
Shown as "Fitzwilliam," Dartmoor Pony owned by Liz Holm

Owynn in Bay
Previously owned by Cynthia Gardner

Owynn in Bay
Shown as: Aberdare Phoenix, bay Welsh Pony (Section B) stallion. Image provided Cindi Nakagawa.

Owynn, Repainted
Dapple greying liver chestnut Welsh Mountain pony stallion customized by owner Cynthia Gardner

Suspiro in Grey
This spanish stallion, in Classic scale, was available from February 1-April 30, 1997; photo provided by Joan Berkwicz

Owned and photographed by Cindi Nakagawa. 116 greys in release.

Suspiro in Buckskin
This spanish stallion was available in Spring, 1997; photo provided by Joan Berkwicz

Suspiro in Buckskin
Photo provided by Julie Harris

Suspiro in Mulberry
This custom-glazed beauty was auctioned off at the 1997 NAMHSA Auction

Limerick in Glossy Chestnut
Stablemate sized Irish Cob mare available only for Fall 1997

Limerick in Glossy Chestnut
It was also available in bisque; photo provided by Cynthia Gardner

Limerick in Grey
This is a factory custom glaze color, made for the Autumn Classic Live Show benefit auction; shown as "Molly B," Irish Cob mare owned by Liz Holm

Limerick in chestnut
Irish Cob Mare. Scale: Thumb - 2 3/4" at eartips. Sculptor: Kristina Lucas. Edition size-Chestnut- 194, gray -8, bisque -128. 1997. Owned and photographed by Melodie Dowell.

Bressay in Grey
Stablemate sized British Shetland Pony; shown as "Eros", Fallabella gelding owned by Liz Holm

Bressay in Chestnut
Shown as "Mr. Knightley," Fallabella gelding owned by Liz Holm

Bressay in Dapple Chestnut
Painted by Elizabeth Bouras

Collier in Strawberry Roan
Belgian in Stablemate scale, sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis; it was produced in limited editions of glazed ceramic and resin.

Hadrian in bay
Dales Pony. Scale Thumb - 2 3/4" at eartips. Dark bay. Sculptor: Sarah Rose. 2003. Approximately 270 made. Owned and photographed by Melodie Dowell.

Skara Brae in dun
Highland Pony Mare. Scale: curio 4" tall. Sculpted in 2001 by Adalee Velasquez. Owned and photographed by Melodie Dowell.

Red Okie Clay
Sculpted by Carol Williams. Shown as Oklahoma Dun. Owned and photographed by Cini Nakagawa.

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