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ebbie Poole is originally from the Northeast Coast of Scotland, and she has been collecting model horses for as long as she can remember. It all started with a toy farm set received when she was about 2 years of age! From there she progressed to collecting Britains models, Dream ponies and ultimately Breyers. In 1988 she emigrated to the United States and in the early 1990’s customised Breyers extensively and sold them all around the world. They were released under the “DA” prefix. Deb dropped out of the model horse hobby around 1995 due to personal reasons, but resurfaced (thanks to the net!) in 2000. Starting from scratch and with a small yet diverse collection Deb collects only for her own customising pleasure, occasionally offering models for sale and doing rare custom orders. Deb’s major interest is in Arabians but recently has managed to indulge her passion for British Show Ponies (of course they’re Part Arabians too!). Based in Brisbane, Australia (does she get around or what?!) you can find Deb’s models under the REVELSTONE CREATIONS banner; showing on line or occasionally for sale via auction or or Deb can be reached by email or her web site.

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Noor, flea-bitten grey Arabian stallion customized from the Jennifer Reid "Anuk su na Mun" resin; created 2001.

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