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anet been customizing models on and off since about 1983, but haven't created anything new for a while. She spent some of her spare time working on the Model Horse Gallery instead of doing models!

You'll notice a common theme to most of her models: SPOTS! She loves 'em! The majority of her models are spotted but you'll find a number of solid ones as well. Unlike the other Artist Galleries, she's done short blurbs on each horse to give some history and details.

If you'd like to get to know a little more about her hobby background, click on this link to Janet's Hobby Autobiography

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Photo credits:

Top: Armstrong's Vangellis Se Sheik and Armstrong's Hyfad, both customized from Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Stallions. Vangellis, a bay tobiano Arapinto, is owned by Ivy Olensky and Hyfad, Vangellis' dapple buckskin tobiano son, is owned by Denise Apra

Bottom: Armstrong's Class Act, apricot dun overo Paint gelding customized from the Breyer Stablemate Seabiscuit and owned by Irene Lynne Conrad

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